Jun 262018

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Who ever is in charge of promotions this week must have known this is not the week for me to be going to stores with kids.  It seems that it is the week for shopping for kitchen items, scheduling grocery pickup, purchasing shoes, and stocking up on kids clothes while saving from the comfort of my living room.  (or dining room table or bed while waiting for little heads to go to sleep)

When I saw that Schoola was having a sale of 75% off, I knew I had to share.  It is too good of a deal to keep to myself.

Schoola has been a sanity and budget saver in the past, delivering quality preowned clothes to our door.  The clothes were even very neatly folded inside a bag, inside a box.  I am not sure who they hire to help package but they are welcome at my house on laundry day anytime they please.

The flash sale is on! Get 75% off your order with code HAPPY75 at Schoola.com. Offer is valid only 6/26-6/27.

And as always, FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more on the first 10 items.

Valid 6/26-6/27 only. Limit one promotion code may be used per order. Not valid on previous purchases. Discounts and credits do not apply toward shipping or promotional minimums. Discounts are applied to the post-credit order value. New-with-tags items are not eligible for purchase with discounts or credits.

Apr 102017


To raise Tax Day spirits, Schoola is offering an early “return” at Schoola! April 10th through April 15th, buy 4 items and receive $15 in Schoola credit or buy 8 items and receive $25 in Schoola credit. It doesn’t end there! They are also offering See You In The Garden readers 40% off their order with code GET40.

Pair this up with the Free shipping on all orders over $25 at Schoola.com offer for an even better deals. (Keep reading for some other codes that may save you even more on top of these deals.)

Perfect timing! George has decided to edge up into the next size of pants, yet we are not quite into shorts weather.  I had hoped we would solidly be in warm weather clothes when he decided to do this.  Add to that, he has used his skills, yet again, to put holes in several of his pants.

We have had great results with Schoola in the past, and I was hoping to catch a good deal before reaching the point of buying new pants.  Seems my patience may have paid off.


Knowing these clothes are preloved, the selection varies.  There is no guarantee that what you are looking for will be there today.  Thankfully, the search features are easy to use and you will know in a matter of a few minutes if they have what you are wanting.  If your kids are anything like mine, that is faster than they would be able to get their shoes on to drive to a store and shop for new clothes.

I’ll take checking the computer instead, thank you very much.

I also appreciate the description of the clothes, which I have found to be very honest in their assessment.  A few times they even noted flaws, though I could not see them on the computer nor when the item actually arrived at my house.

Additionally, if you are wondering where all the money goes for the clothes you paid for, well, 40% goes right back to the schools who donated the clothes.  How awesome is that?!  Personally, I like this fundraiser better than buying pizzas or candles or any of the other overprices items which I do not need.  Clothes? Clothes, especially for the boys, I always need!

Here are some other offers from Schoola which may still be available. You might be able to combine some of these deals for even greater savings:

This post contains affiliate links.  If you click a link and purchase something, a small portion will be returned to me. I hope you find what you need and are able to save a few dollars doing so.

Mar 082017


Schoola has been a blessing to our family several times over the past few years. More than once I have been faced with the realization that a kid suddenly grew, and needed certain clothing items yesterday.  Sound familiar?

At these times I have been able to add to my kids’ wardrobes using without having to leave the house but utilizing Schoola’s site.  Not only did I save on gas and time, but the quality of clothing was good and the prices were not too high.

Once you reach Schoola’s site, they make it easy for you to find what you need.  You can sort through clothing by gender and size.  They also allow you to search according to price, clothing type, brands, color, condition, style, season, material, and more.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you may want to create a “collection”, if you know you are going to be needing the same thing often.  Perhaps you are looking for “girls short sleeve shirts in size 6”.  By creating a collection you will not have to input all the search criteria each visit, thereby saving you time on your search to save money.

Whether you are a new customer, or a returning one, you can save money on top of the already low prices!
Buy a like-new item at Schoola and get $20 in credit! Offer is valid 3/6 – 3/10/17. Exclusions apply.
Free shipping on all orders over $25 at Schoola.com.
50% off your first order with code FIRST50OFF at Schoola.com.

Are you so excited you can not keep the new to yourself?  Share it with a friend and you will both save even more.
Send a friend $10 off to shop the amazing deals on children’s clothes at Schoola.com and you’ll get $10 off too. Shop now!

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Jun 292016

This morning is off to a productive start.  It is 7:17 a.m. and I have already:

  • made my bed and gotten dressed for the day
  • added a pan of peeled tomatoes to the oven for roasting (pizza sauce is in my future)
  • added several pounds of bananas to the freezer
  • have muffins and eggs ready for breakfast
  • ordered George 5 shirts for less than $12!

All the above items were planned, except for the last.  So why did that particular item get added to the morning’s activities?  Because I saw this in my inbox.

We have ordered from Schoola several times before, with great results each time.  When I realized George was low on t-shirts I knew where I was going shopping.  Their prices are reasonable any time you go shopping.  Add in 60% off plus free shipping with code CANYOUSAVE it gets even better.

In less than 10 minutes, with the kids fairly oblivious to the fact that I was “shopping”, and no having to turn on the car or leave the house (remember, tomatoes roasting in the oven) I found 5 different shirts, including 1 new with tags.  After the coupon code above the total came in under $12.  I used some money in my Paypal account to lower the out of pocket even more.

Remember, this offer expires July 4th and they usually have only one of each time.

Why only one of each item?  Schoola.com helps raise money for schools through clothing drives.  Clothes are donated and sold, with 40% of the proceeds going back to the schools.  And lest you think “donated clothes” means old and holey, that has very much not been the case in our experience.  Only one clothing item we ordered had a noted blemish.  When we received the item I could not even find the blemish.  You are able to view each item up close and there are notes as to any inconsistencies.  They are very honest in their assessments.

So whether you are like me, trying to replentish a closet of clothes, or planning for the upcoming school year, take advantage of 60% off plus free shipping with code CANYOUSAVE at Schoola.com. Offer expires July 4th.

If you buy a new-with-tags items like I did, you will get a 50% off coupon + free shipping at Schoola.com. Exclusions apply. Offer expires July 4th.


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May 272016

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Schoola has been a sanity saver for me these past few years.  I may only have two kids, but they are active, needy, growing by leaps at a time, full-of-life-and-lovin’-it kids.  Clothes shopping while not breaking the bank has always a hard thing to do.

Shopping at thrift stores was not always an option, as there was too much to overwhelm the kids and too many access to toys.  Leaving them with my husband was not always an option, as he was still in school and often had homework or group projects.  The option of a babysitter negated any savings I may have gotten.  Yard sales worked sometimes, though I had to make sure I was always within sight of the kids least they get anxious or try something unexpected. (Boy can they think up ‘unexpected’ things to do!)

When I learned I could shop online at Schoola for quality items AND save money, I was doubtful as to the quality of the items and how much I really could save.  As I learned, my doubts were misplaced.  I have been nothing but happy with their items.  My kids would much rather come look at selections I have pulled up for them and ‘shop’ for things they like.  We save on gas, time, and everyone’s sanity.

Right now not only can you save up to 60% off, but you can also earn $20 on your first purchase.  Then tell all your friends and earn $20 when they make their first purchase.  Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.

Mar 312016

When you wake up in the early morning hours of your day from a dream about a sale happening at one of your favorite clothing sources, you have a pretty good idea what one of the things on that day’s to-do list will be.


Yes, that’s right, Schoola is having a sale with free shipping included!  What perfect timing.  I have been noticing how rough my oldest has been to his pants this year, putting holes in almost every pair.  Our youngest is also in need of summer apparel.

With our schedule lately, being able to shop from home at any hour of the day is a sanity saver.  I have always been impressed with the quality of clothing received in our Schoola shipments.  The kids love helping pick out items without a car ride, florescent lights, and other various assaults on their senses.

Not only can you get 50% off and FREE shipping*, but you can also receive $20 in credit towards purchases if you are a new customer.  Additionally, if you sign up for their newsletter, you receive a $5 coupon.  Put these together with the current deal and you could receive $50 worth of clothing for free in your mail box, without ever having left your house.  Now do you see why I woke up dreaming about this sale?!

This promotion is for a limited time.  If you are needing particular items I would not delay.  Happy shopping.

*New-with-tags items are not eligible for purchase with credits or discount codes. Limited one code per order.

first schoola used clothes order collage

Nov 212015

Sign up for the email newsletter at Schoola and receive a $5 coupon.

I love Schoola.com.  It has made clothes shopping for Jack and George so much easier.  Without even starting up the car, loading in two full-of-life boys, driving 30 minutes to a store, getting them out and then submitting them to the torture that is shopping, I am able to save money and receive high quality clothing.  We have ordered from them several times and have been pleased with the clothes received.

When I saw this $5 coupon code, I almost let out a squeal, which would not have been a good thing as everyone else in the household is currently asleep.

I also jumped for joy, literally, when I saw that they are still offering Free Shipping for a limited time.  So hurry, go get some clothes for a great price while curled up under a warm blanket.

I also knew that it was too good to keep to myself.  Please note that it expires 11/22, which is tomorrow.  So, yes, you will have to spend time looking at cute kids clothes tonight.  My apologies.

Sep 292015


Take a look at that adorable face above.  THAT is how I felt when I saw this in my inbox.  Not only is this a fabulous deal, but it also is perfect timing.  (Keep reading to see how to make it even better.)  We are going through the Great Clothes Switch, changing our Spring/Summer wardrobe for our Autumn/Winter clothing selections.

No matter how well I plan, there always seem to be gabs in our clothing choices.  As my kids have gotten older, it has become harder to find good clothing at affordable prices.  There are a few options left for me, but it means driving a long distance and taking the kids along with me.  Perhaps your kids feel different, but mine very much do not like this activity.

When I first tried Schoola, I had not anticipated how much I would enjoy their service.  Not only did I save several gallons of gas, but also there was no headache at the end from trying to keep two curious and active kids calm while I actually tried to make decisions.  Now, I look forward to going to their site and seeing what is there to help us round out our Fall and Winter wardrobes without spending 100’s of dollars.

While 50% OFF plus free shipping sitewide with code FALLINGPRICES is a great deal, here is how you can make it even better.

The picture collage below is of my previous order from Schoola.  Because of this order I was able to be prepared for the cool weather that has started to appear.

first schoola used clothes order collage

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