Dec 192014

What a week it has been here at The Greenhouse. (Sorry for lack of pictures. I’m typing this on my phone and it doesn’t always like them.)

Our stove stopped working mid-supper last Saturday.  I found out you can cook a pizza in the grill.  It turned out a bit crispy as I was not sure exactly how long it had already cooked.

The repair guy came out on Monday,diagnosed it, and ordered the part.  Thursday it was fixed and we promptly had pizza for lunch, fully cooked this time, and made croissants for this morning’s breakfast.

Homeschooling, while happening, was not all that productive.  At first I gave myself a hard time, then grace after I realized my husband was home on vacation, which always throws us off some.  Also, the construction on the house was to a point where they needed to cut, saw, hammer,and cut more into the outside of our kitchen wall and the garage roof adjoining it.  It was loud.

Two afternoons I was also able to volunteer in George’s classroom.  The teacher did a great job keeping 20+ kids quiet and calm while making gingerbread houses.

I finished up some last minute shopping of things I knew I wanted but just had not gotten around to.  Surprisingly, I was able to find all the items in Small Town, which saved time and gas.

One thing I have not done is grocery shopping.  We had everything we needed here at home.  It was great to realize I did not HAVE to do this extra thing.

While volunteering in George’s class, I realized his last day before break was Thursday, not Friday.  This meant we could leave earlier to go visit family.  It also meant one less day to do things.

Yesterday I needed to do a load of wash, especially of cloth pull-ups, before we left.  I went out early to the garage, before the workers came, to get a load started.  What I found was that they had nailed a board infront of the washer, making it impossible for me to open the door.  :)

This is the spot where the new staircase will be, so no new floor above this area.  They still needed something there to stand on, so they left the loft to use a a platform, but needed extra supports for it, hence the extra ‘leg’ nailed in front of my washer.

After contemplating taking Jack and Olaf to the laundry mat and sitting there for an hour, I called up a friend and asked to use her washer.  She lives nextdoor and there would be no need for me to stay during the wash cycle.  She graciously agreed. Though it felt a bit odd, I was thankful for the saving of time and money.  While the first load washed, I helped at school, cleaned out my car and vaccumed it.  During the second, I picked George up from school and was able to do a few things around the house.  A great example of how being a friend does not always mean having to leave your house to go out for coffee.

We are leaving this morning for a weekend with family.  I still need to pack and do a quick clean up of the house.  My goal is to leave here before lunch.  I was hoping to take care of an errand that can only happen in a town between us and where we are going. If we time it right, we can do it over lunch time, thereby saving us some time.

Hope your weekend goes well.  ~ Rosie

Dec 172014

Through February 28, 2015,Reading Eggs is offering a 4-week Free Trial for new users (subsequent children qualify for the 2-week free trial).  With school breaks coming up, kids may be looking forward to no school, while the parents want to help them not forget what they have learned these past few months.  This would be a great time to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Here is our experience with using the Reading Eggs program:

As the end to last school year approached, I was looking for activities to do over the summer to help George continue on with his school work over the summer break.  Something fun and exciting, yet with some structure that did not require me to create the lesson plans.

After seeing a free-trial offered by Reading Eggs, I decided to try it before the year ended to see if George was as excited about it as I hoped he would be.  He quickly fell in love with the program.  I’ll even admit to letting him to this as homework some nights, since he never threw a tantrum doing his lesson here but would if I would try to sit and review words with him.  Hey, sometimes we do what we must.

As it turned out, over the summer, Reading Eggs quickly became something we could use as a ‘reward’ for finishing up morning routines.  How great is that?!  No sugar or bribing with money.  They get to play on the computer and learn reading and phonics as well.  It was a win-win situation for all of us.

“Now that you have finished all your morning routines, you can do Reading Eggs.  Once you unlock X number of steps, you may go to the Playroom and do whatever you want.”

Kid in Library

Turns out it was even better than I thought.  Reading had become a source of frustration for George and he had basically given up mid-year.  I was afraid he would never get it.  After a summer of no prodding by me, but ‘earning’ Golden Eggs and new Critters on Reading Eggs, he had caught onto many of the basic words that had been giving him trouble.  Yes, I may have done a dance around the room when I realized this little, but very important, fact.

When school started in the fall, the kids were already spending so much time at school, that we did not have the desire to require them to do extra lessons at home.  Yet, they still asked to do these, especially on weekends when they had more free time.  It is a source of fun, not work, for them.

Last week when we decided to take Jack out of public school and homeschool him, I had no worries about his learning to read.  I knew that it would be more of an issues to limit his time on Reading Eggs, than it would be to get him to do the lessons.  Again we took the approach of work first then play – do your lesson, then you can go to the Playroom or create a book.

After a week of this, Jack still says at the end of the day, “Mama, but we didn’t do schoolwork today.”  He doesn’t even realize he is learning, as he is having too much fun.



Dec 152014
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Dec 142014
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Dec 132014
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Dec 132014
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Dec 122014
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Dec 122014
Garden Planting Calendars and 2 FREE 2015 Calendars

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