Sep 192017

The digital rewards Swagbucks just hit a major milestone – they have given their members over $200 million in cash and free gift cards since 2008! I use Swagbucks all the time to get free gift cards doing stuff I already do online, like shopping, answering surveys, watching videos, discovering great deals, and searching the web. To demonstrate how big a number 200 million really is, here are some fun facts:

$200,000,000 is a huge number, and to celebrate they’ve been holding a “Swago” promotion for the past week! (It ends at 12pm PT/3pm ET today.)

If you’ve been playing, you’ve also been getting spins on their Spin & Win wheel. Starting at 9am PT/12pm ET today, you can start cashing in on those spins! The wheel will close at 9AM PT/12PM ET on Thursday, September 21st.

Every spin on the wheel results in either SB earned, entries into an Exclusive Limited Time Swagstakes or an exclusive Swag Up. Click here right now to start spinning!

**The SB options on the wheel will credit immediately. Please note, the SB you earn from the wheel will not count towards your Daily Goal meter. The Swag Ups will be live for a couple of weeks and will expire 15 days from the time they are applied to your account so there will be different expiration dates.

  • Shop Swag Up Bonus: Make a qualifying purchase before October 1st and earn a 500 SB Bonus when your Shop & Earn SB Credits! Manual crediting of SB will not count.
  • SB Local Swag Up: Earn SB from SB Local before October 1st and earn an additional 200 SB Bonus! Manual crediting of SB will not count. Must earn atleast 25 SB from your SB Local purcchase. to qualify for the additional 200 SB bonus.

**All Swag Up and Double Search and Survey SB will credit back as Bonus SB which means they will not go towards your Daily Goal Meter

This post contains affiliate links.  When you click through to Swagbucks and join, I will receive, at no cost to you, a portion of points you earn.  That you for helping support this blog and my love of shopping at Amazon via earned gift cards.

Sep 182017

This year has held many changes for us.  I thought I was prepared.  I thought I could handle it all.  I thought…

Yeah, I was wrong.

Not completely, mind you, but in the “I thought I…” part of things.  There is nothing I can do to make anything happen.  Try as I might, I can not think something into reality.  What it does bring is anxiety as you see things around you not going as you want them to.

This came to a very clear reality after my surgery in March.  Physically I healed fine and quickly, with little pain.  Emotionally I was brought to my knees.  Once I figured out it was anxiety and not low iron, blood sugar, blood volume, or internal bleeding (sitting on the couch with orders to not do anything for a few days can lead your mind down interesting paths), I knew what needed to be done.  I also knew it was not going to be a quick fix.

Part of my self-imposed routine was to start the day off well.  In the past this meant me getting up at my regular time, having two breakfasts (the first to get my stomach convinced it was actually hungry and not sick), and getting dressed.  This time however, I found myself waking up super early, unable to fall back asleep.

Unable to fall asleep one morning, I went out to the back deck to watch the sun rise and listen to the birds sing.  Within minutes I felt better.  Not perfect, but better.  I went back in to get George off to school, but then back out to the deck I went.

For a few weeks I spent hours out there every day.  We even did home education outside.  The fresh air, sun shine, sound of birds and wind rustling in the tree tops…it was peaceful and what I needed.  Well, peaceful except for the occasional emergency vehicle siren and sound of traffic during morning commute times; at those times I focused on the nicer sounds and prayed for where those sirens were going.

Another part of my time outside involved a morning devotional.  At first, reading made me nauseous, so I used an audio version of the Bible on my phone.  After being able to tolerate printed materials, I added in Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson.

Not only was this book an encouragement, but it also spoke to my love of plants and nature.  Most importantly it spoke to the “I” part of why things were not working out – it was pride.

For years I thought that my sense of peace depends entirely on me. – Hannah Anderson, Humble Roots

Daily devotionals are not something I usually seek out.  I have gone through a few different ones over the years, but find I would rather read from the original text than from someone else’s opinion of what was being said.  This is where I felt Humble Roots deviated from other devotionals – it does not read or feel like a devotional.  Instead, it felt more like a talk with another gardener, one who has been where I was at.

Humble Roots is half plant book and half Christian devotional, each half complementing the other to help demonstrate the point being made.

After spending hours out-of-doors, and not solely in this instance of healing, it is hard to not notice details of nature and take them to heart:

  • The dry creek bed filling up with water in a few minutes time, yet days after a rain storm upstream.
  • The birds singing in the middle of a rain shower.
  • Flower stalks righting themselves after being laid flat by the wind.
  • A plant, growing from a tiny seed which seemed unimpressive and unlikely to survive.

There are lessons all around us, examples of the goodness of God and His providence.

These are also things which we, ourselves, could not make happen.

Humble Roots does not come across as an author talking at the reader, but someone who is also on the journey to find peace and understanding in one’s day.   This gentle approach and easy read was much appreciated at a time when I was already being hard enough on myself.

Toward the end, I found that I did not fully agree with some of the conclusions which Hannah Anderson presented.  They felt a bit forced or abrupt.  This did not mean I could not gain something from the writing, only that I think the last chapter or two could have been edited better.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review.  This post contains affiliate links.

Sep 142017

A few weeks ago I shared a post which said, “All throughout September you can earn big bonuses at Swagbucks, a rewards site where you earn points (called SB) for things you’re probably doing online already…”

I know it is easy to gloss over such posts as these, assuming it is not legitimate, or requires you to purchase something, or give up  your rights to your first born child.  I used to think the same thing.  And you are right about some sites.  I know. I have tried them.

After having been a member of Swagbucks for years, I know it is a legitimate site. I also know that, while you will not get rich from this site, it is a good way to earn a bit of extra money each month without having to leave home.

Over the course of me being a member of their site I have earned approximately $1,223.19.  Some months I have earned $50, while other times I do not do anything for months on end.  That is one thing I love about Swagbucks, they have something for me to do no matter how much, or little, time I have to spend.

Going back to the post I initially mentioned, Swagbucks is currently offering a 300 SB bonus, equivalent to $3, for new members who earn 300 SB by the end of the month.  If you are new to the site, this might seem like a daunting task.

With that in mind, I wanted to show you how I was able to earn 300 SB in two days time.  If I had been able to take a bit longer the first day, I could have completed it all then.  However, life still must go on and people in my household do like to be feed during the day.

Here’s how I was able to earn 300+ SB over a two day period without downloading something on my computer, purchasing anything, or even doing my normal online shopping:

  1. I checked my Swagbucks Inbox for deals – completed a travel search and earned 5 SB, checked out hotels in a specific city and earned 1 SB
  2. Clicked on the banner at the top.  Watched the nCrave videos for 1 SB.
  3. Went to my To-Do List (found on the left side of the home page).  Daily Discovery and Crave were already completed.  Daily Poll – 1 SB, Daily Watch – 2 SB, Deal of the Day – 1 SB, unsuccessfully attempted 2 surveys – 2 SB, completed survey – 30 SB
  4. Bonus for completeing 6 out of 8 items on To-Do List – 1 SB
  5. Bonus for completing To-Do List – 1 SB
  6. August Spin-n-Win double survey earning – 30 SB
  7. Completed a Discover Activity (watched an ad for 30 seconds) – 2 SB
  8. SuperRewards (Discover) activity – 3 SB
  9. Watched an additional 3 video series – 3 SB
  10. Disqualified from 3 surveys – 3 SB
  11. Compeleted survey – 54 SB
  12. Completed 1 AdGate Media (Discover) activity – 2 SB
  13. Completed 6 Peanut Lab (Discover) activities – 7 SB
  14. Watched 8 nCrave video series for 8 SB
  15. Disqualified from 5 Peanut Lab (Discover) surveys – 5 SB
  16. Search – 6 SB
  17. August Spin-n-Win double search earning – 6 SB
  18. Play – 10 SB
  19. nCrave slideshow – 3 SB
  20. nCrave video slideshow – 5 SB
  21. nCrave video slideshow – 5 SB
  22. nCrave video slideshow – 5 SB
  23. nCrave video slideshow – 7 SB
  24. nCrave activity – 2 SB
  25. nCrave activity – 5 SB

End of Day 1.  Earned 202 SB.

Some of these activities were new to me.  Even after all these years, I am finding new ways of earning SB, as Swagbucks has changed over time.  Some of the new or different activities I like and do often.  Others, well, let’s just say that there were a few new ones this time which I will not be doing again.

Day 2
  1. nCrave video slideshow – 7 SB
  2. nCrave video slideshow – 4 SB
  3. Disqualified from survey – 1 SB
  4. Completed survey – 58 SB
  5. Deal of the Day – 1 SB
  6. Daily Poll – 1 SB
  7. Bonus for completing 6 out of 8 items on my To-Do List – 1 SB
  8. Disqualified from 5 surveys – 5 SB
  9. 6 AdGate Media (Discover) slideshows – 6 SB
  10. Watch video slideshow – 1 SB
  11. Bonus for completing 8 out of 8 items on my To-Do List – 1 SB
  12. Peanut Lab (Discover) activity – 20 SB
  13. Peanut Lab (Discover) activity – 10 SB
  14. Peanut Lab (Discover) activity – 10 SB
  15. Peanut Lab (Discover) activity – 9 SB

End of Day 2.  Earned 135 SB

I decided to stick with activities I knew well, things which would not take me as long to complete.  The Peanut Lab activities were also ones I had to submit a ticket for due to them not crediting after completion.

If I had not had the benefit of double earnings from the previous month’s Swago promotion, I could have completed a few more survey, or looked for other Discover activities to complete.

Total at the end of two days = 337 SB

Part of the earnings during Day 1 were from bonuses earned while participating in August’s Swago promotion.  By earning spins on the Spin Wheel I received bonuses such as “Double Survey Earnings” or “Double Search Earnings”.  These particular bonuses may not count toward your 300 SB earnings needed to receive the 300 SB bonus for being a new member, but they still count toward your total earned toward a gift card.

With this in mind, during the September Swago promotion, which is currently taking place, there are several activities I have completed, not because they will result in a higher earning pattern but because they will earn me opportunities to spin the wheel. Due to the difference in this month’s Swago promotion, the celebration of Swagbucks giving away 2,000,000 SB, the Spin & Win Wheel will not be available to use until 9AM PT/12PM ET on Tuesday, September 19th and will end at 9AM PT/12PM ET on Thursday, September 21st.

Sep 102017
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Sep 092017
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Sep 022017
Get $3 when you sign up for Swagbucks

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Aug 292017
It's time to SWAGO!

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Aug 272017
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