Nov 042016


Received as a Christmas gift, Crayola’s Chalk Grab ‘n Go Games Foot Hockey sat way too long in our basement because “we do not have a large area in which to play.”  As it turns out, that was a bad excuse which kept the kids from playing this fun game all summer long.

One day, as I was clearing out the basement and garage, I came across the game again.  This time I decided to go for it, to play it in the setting we had – the width of a sidewalk that is about 80 feet long.  I was greatly relieved to find all the items needed were included in the game – instruction with illustrations, sidewalk chalk, and a puck. So far, it was turning out to be my kind of game.

Unfortunately for my “you do not need directions, they take too long” kid, this mama loves to read directions before beginning anything new.  However, toward the end, I summarized the rules, adjusted them to our narrow setting, and off we went.

There was not a lot we had to alter in the rules, though we added a few of our own – the grass was out of bounds, though only after so long.  Also, you had to ‘hit’ the puck into the rectangle marked as the goal; if it went around it then an out-of-bounds was called.  Also, you had to stand back two squared when someone got to kick it back into play.


After the first trial run with Jack during a brain break (i.e. PE time), I was not sure how taken he was with it.  He seemed to think there were too many rules … he wanted to be able to kick it into the street.

When George got home, my doubts were proven wrong.  The first thing Jack wanted to do was to show George the new Foot Hockey game, explain the rules, and play!  They played multiple games that day, trying to work out the kinks in how each thought the other should play the game. 🙂

Since that time they have gotten out the materials on their own several times, drawn their own field, clarified our family’s version of the rules and played! with limited disagreements.  The kids like having a ‘real’ puck, which has held up well to kicks and being thrown, as well as getting to create their own field/court.

I liked the ease in setting up the game; an adult is not needed.  The ability to adapt the game to almost any setting makes it a much more flexible game, meaning it is more likely to be played.  One of the aspects I believe could be worked in is the softness of the chalk.  The first color we used was to make the goals and middle markings; by the third game it was used up and colors were switched.

This games seems to do well with a couple of people. I believe that if there were a lot of kids playing this would either get out of hand, or you would end up with several of the kids being bored.

A gift which I was unsure of, has turned out to be a great addition to our outdoor games and activities.sidewalk-hockey-boys-running-collage

All opinions are my own.  I did not receive this item for review or at a discount; this is a game we received as a gift from someone in our lives.  

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Oct 112016


Well, Dear Readers, most of you were unaware that I was actually gone these past several days, but that is what happened.  Last week, I loaded George and Jack up into the car and drove almost half a day to visit family for 6 days (which included 2 days of traveling).  I am pleased to say the trip out was uneventful and actually pretty easy.

The trip back was also fairly easy, if you do not count the side trip where I took way too long trying to find a road with no sign.  All’s well that end’s well, and I got to have a brief visit with a friend who I may not see again for quite some time.

The middle of the trip, though, that was the interesting part.  The plan was to visit family.  Simple.  What happened was visit family and have my body decide to do its own intense cleanse … of all food inside of it… for over 24 hours.  Yeah, not a fun.  Can I call it ‘organic’ as there was nothing chemical about its induction?

Day 1 of the cleanse I wanted to be completely out for the count, but knew that was not an option.  Thankfully the zoo does not take too much effort and behaviors were held in check very well.  Or, at least I thought so.  We have not seen these particular family members for a few years so they did not know what they were potentially missing on the ADHD/anxiety front.  🙂

Day 2 I was able to keep down liquid but not exactly full of energy.  “You want to play on your cousin’s iPad for 6 hours? Sure, go right ahead.”  “You want to play in the (fenced in) backyard unsupervised? Go right ahead.”  Everyone survived and no iPad was thrown.

Day 3 I felt back to normal and we headed back home.  🙂

Today, we are home.  I am exhausted, yet can not sleep.  My brain is moving on to a big event coming up, something for which I need to be preparing in many different areas.  While I have been making vast progress in all of the areas, I am not quite there yet and need to keep moving.  My dad is coming by to help for a few days.  This should aide in knocking off those last few items on my list – I hope.  I really, really hope.