2012 Yearly Gardening Goals – July Reivew

Yearly Goals

1. Put up enough tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes for the year that I will not have to buy any.  That comes out to about 77 quarts of sauce.  –  I was looking over the jar left from last year and think I may have put up just a bit too much.  Having a little left over means I estimated almost perfectly.  Better to have a little left than no jars and a month to go before I can do more.  You never know if you will suddenly use more recipes calling for it, or if the family will be tired of spaghetti and not want to use it.  Those are unknown factors that are hard to determine a year ahead of time.

2. Can up the equivalent of 52 quarts of beets. – So far 31 have been canned and 1 eaten.

3. Restock my apple sauce/pear sauce supply.  – This is more of a fall goal, so no work on it yet.

4. Not have to buy herbs from the store because I will have them in the garden.  This would include cilantro, parsley and basil. – Parsley and basil are planted.  The cilantro succumbed to the heat.  I will see if my friend still has some I can replant.

5. Grow, or obtain, green onions to freeze for use in beef stew this winter.  –  These are looking good.  I need to get out and pick the first round of them.  It is pretty late in the season to be doing so, I know.

6. Freeze baggies of chopped colored peppers for use in making meatloaf, omelets, etc.  We are not fans of green peppers, so will not be chopping and freezing any. –  Plants are planted and looking good.  Just waiting for them to actually produce something.

7. Grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to supplement our weekly salads. – Lettuce, well, I’ll try again come fall; there is one plant that is still chugging along in this 90 degree weather.  Cukes are doing okay with blooms and tomatoes are starting to get some height on them.