Dust, Noise and This Too Shall Pass


The remodel on the house is moving along fairly quickly, though considering all the things that need to be done to get to the end, there is still A LOT to do.

Yesterday was the “need to remove part of the roof and make lots of dust” Stage 1.  Stage 2, and a different, larger section of roof will happen either later this week or next week.  We have lived with dust producing activities here before, but it has been 7 years or so ago.  I knew what it would be like, but had forgotten what it meant for daily life, and that is there is dust everywhere no matter how much you sweep or wipe down.  Also, we have never done this stage while having kids or in the middle of winter.

Not only does this stage produce dust, it meant part of the roof was not on the house last night.  Think about that for a minute.  It is like leaving several of your windows fully open all night long.

Thankfully the lows got only into the upper 20’s/lower 30’s last night.  Much better than in the single digits last week.  Still cold, either way you put it.  With the increase in drafts in the house (an understatement) we have lowered the thermostat, closed off parts of the house, etc. to help not make the heating bill more than what we make in the month.  🙂  As your grandmother might say, “Close that door!  We are not trying to heat the outside!”

While the tarp at the bottom of the stairs helps stop some of the drafts and heat loss, the kitchen is definitely cooler than the 64 degrees at which we have the thermostat set.  Due to how the duct work is run, the bedrooms are always warmer than the other rooms IF their doors are closed.  Not only does closing the doors keep them warmer, it helps decrease the amount of dust in there.


Besides the increase in dust and noise, life here is also thrown off a bit.

  • With no garage, all of the ‘garage’ stuff is in the basement, in a crawl space.
  • With the main entry to the house being moved from the garage to the front door, all of our shoes are in a narrower spot when you enter, making it feel immediately  more cluttered than it might actually be.
  • We also had to removed the coat rack/shelf due to it being in the way of a new staircase/doorway.  At this time we are using a bar stool along a wall in our dining room to keep all of our coats on and in one place.
  • We are parking both cars on the street.  Not only do I have to clean off my car and warm it up every morning to take George to school, which I would have had to do even if I was parking the driveway, but so does my husband.  This also means that if it snows and the plows are out, we have to move the cars to the side street then dig them out in the morning.
  • Even if we wanted to, we could not accept another foster placement.  I knew this last month when I realized my stress levels were high enough that one more thing would tip the balance.  Between my husband going to school at night, some issues here at home, and the remodel work, my Stress Bucket is very close to overflowing.  Add to that the room available for another placement is upstairs.  Yes, the one whose roof is about to be removed.  It is good to know these things so that one does not feel too guilty for having to say no when a phone call comes.  When I saw The Number on caller I.D. last week, I knew my answer before even picking up.  “I’m sorry, we can’t right now.”  So good to know the answer before the question is asked as you are less likely to give in to the emotional feelings of, “Surely I can fit just one more thing on my plate.”

Update:  Was just told they are removing the roof to the upstairs either today or tomorrow.  This means besides the essentials this morning, putting away laundry and begining school work till we have access to the upstairs, the rest of my schedule is up in the air.  Once I can get back into our upstairs, Jack and I will be boxing up all that we can to store in a closet that will then be taped off, to decrease the amount of dust that gets in.  We will then be deconstructing and moving furniture over into a corner so that it too can be covered to help decrease the amount of dust that gets on those items.

seeds beginning 2014 garden season

Yesterday, when life was starting to feel chaotic and crazy I took a few minutes to think of the garden and plan some things.  It not only decreased my blood pressure, but also reminded me that “this too shall pass” and all the dirt, dust, noise, and things out of place will one day be a memory.