Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping in New Towns – December 29, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan May 2013

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After being gone for over a week, I really was not sure what I would have in the house to make a menu this week.  With our oven now working again (YIPPEE!!) I knew I wanted to make muffins for the freezer, so that took care of several breakfasts.  We also have our normal staples in the house, so soups were an easy add to the menu.  A few of the other items I had picked up on sale before we left or they only need a few items added to them to complete the meal.

Before we left, I also realized exactly how many potatoes, regular and sweet, were in the house.  These really need to be used or else they will go bad, so I am trying to add them as sides, or even the main dish in upcoming weeks.  I found a recipe for Twice Baked Breakfast Sweet Potatoes that I plan on trying next week.

With both kids and my husband still on vacation this week, I need to do a grocery trip early in the week.  At first I was not looking forward to taking both kids with me, then realized my husband would be home.  Perhaps we could make a day of it in Big Town.  He could take them to the library while I shop, or even just stay home with one of them.  It is amazing how different kids with different attitudes can either make the trip difficult or manageable.  I can do it with both of them, it just takes longer and more patience.  Those who take 4 or 5 kids with them shopping AND come home with all their intended items make me stand in awe.

grocery shopping cartWe were visiting my family this past week in the area I grew up.  I am always amazed at how it looks so different as an adult than as a child.  I did a quick shopping trip while there to pick up a few items for my mom and for myself (I was planning a quick get together with friends).  As I thought through town, which is about 10 time bigger than our Small Town but more isolated from any Big Towns, I realized there were 4 choices of stores.  1 was local owned but the most expensive, 1 was a Big Box Store, and the other two were more value priced but I was not sure of their stock variability (i.e. would they have what I was looking for?).

Knowing our prices where I normally shop, I was sure I would spend way more than I would have otherwise.  As I was going along, I had this in mind and tried to look for ways to reduce prices. I was able to find ground beef marked down a bit (though still $1+ per pound more than I wanted to pay), bought store brand canned beans (as I did not have time to soak dried ones to use), and bought the “price saver”milk.

The milk was an interesting item to shop for, as I almost fell prey to their display.  They placed the brand milk at eye level on most of the shelves  The shelf that was one up from the bottom had the store brand, which was about $.50 cheaper.  The very bottom shelf though, which you could barely see, had the “price saver” milk that was over $1 cheaper than the brand milk.  While still $1 more than I normally pay (hence my shopping cart  in the picture above, from a recent trip at a store in Big Town, containing several gallons), it was the best price.  50% more for an item is better than 150% more.

I know that if we were to move to this area, which is not at all on the foreseen plan, my shopping habits would change and I would again have to search for more economical ways to save.  After all, it took me a year or two to figure out my current method, and that even changes as life circumstances and seasons change.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Oats and Flax


  1. Visiting Family
  2. Shakes
  3. Chocolate Chip Monkey Muffins
  4. Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Oats and Flax
  5. Muesli Fusions Breakfast Cookies
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Eggs, croissants, fruit

breaded pork chop with peas cornbread muffins and carrot sticks


  1. Visiting Family
  2. Herb Crusted Pork Chops, potato salad, vegetables
  3. Healthy Slow Cooked Tikka Masalapotato salad
  4. Chinese Style BBQ Pork
  5. Sticky Blackberry Barbecued Pork Ribs, oven baked sweet potato fries, remaining potato salad
  6. Salad
  7. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Lentil soup and cheddar biscuits



  1. Traveling (eat out)
  2. Bree’s Lentil-Tomato Soup
  3. Falafel, potatoes with paprika sauce
  4. Tangy Black Bean Soup
  5. Pulled Pork Egg Rolls
  6. Slow Cooker Lentil and Brown Rice Tacos
  7. Date Night /  sandwiches

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