This Week In The Garden (mainly in The Greenhouse) – December 5, 2014

large white pumpkin at stand

The title is a bit misleading.  After all it is December and I’m thankful the rain right now is not snow, and that is only because we are just above the freezing mark today.

While I may not have technically worked in the garden this week, there has been a lot going on at home (The Greenhouse?).  The foundation for the garage extension has been poured and blocked up.  The plan for tomorrow includes the framing of the new garage walls to begin taking place and adding new shingles to the parts of the roof that will not be changed.  The shingling may take through Sunday to finish.

Earlier this week I emptied the garage of most of its contents, though a few things remain.  I need to also remove the cabinets from the walls, as they will be in the way of a few of the changes.  Everything else is currently stashed either in an empty part of the basement or out in the shed.  Jack thought it was a bit funny to have his wagon and George’s bike in the basement.  “Silly Mom.  They are supposed to be outside.”  Even though we have explained to them several times what is going to happen, I do not think they fully grasp it.


Wednesday I took a day to go to Big Town and do some shopping.  You know, the kind of leisurely trips one takes when they have no kids and a free day?  Okay, I should have been home finishing up some things, but they could wait.  I had a whole day with no kids.  By the end I remembered why my shopping habits changed several years ago with the addition of foster kids who were toddlers.  I came away having saved money, but it took time and getting into and out of the car a lot.  So much time was saved not having to buckle kids in or reminding them to hold hands while we walked with little steps to the store.  No having to keep little hand from grabbing or stop arguments.  I was even able to wait till 2:30 in the afternoon to have lunch and no one claimed I was being a bad Mommy and starving them.

In case you think it was all roses, I did get a call from school concerning a kid while checking out, returned a call to a support person while in the middle of a different major store, and had to go back home after I had already driven 15 miles because I had forgotten to take my ink cartridge (the new that that quit working after 6 pages) so I could exchange it.  That last one added over 1/2 an hour to my trip.  I splurged at lunch, then, and added a chocolate shake to my sandwich.  Indulgences, sometimes you take them where you can get them.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Yesterday I took down the Autumn decoration from our porch.  Or as my husband put it, “Get rid of those things and stop feeding the squirrels!”  Let’s just say the pumpkins had gone soft and the local squirrel population was enjoying the buffet to the detriment of our clean front porch.

There has also been other things happening here, but when I started to tell you, a long, long, long rabbit trail formed, so a new post was created.  I will post it later today or in the morning, depends on how the rest of the afternoon goes.

If the rain hold off for a bit more, our afternoon will include some time outdoors, raking leaves and cleaning up the garden space while the construction workers take the day off.  Maybe hot cocoa, books and movies in the afternoon?