There He Goes AGAIN!

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George just went up another shoe size (that makes his 3rd change in shoe size since the middle of August) and I am pretty sure he will be ready for the next size of shoe before Christmas.  This is why I bought ahead at garage sales, clearance sales and second hand stores.  $15 versus $60, in shoes alone for the past 3 size changes, is a big difference.  He did this to me once before, 2 winters ago, catching me off guard.  I vowed to never have that happen again.  The thing is, in shoes I only bought up to the size I gave him this morning.  If his growth spurt follows the sudden growth of his feet, I will also be needing to look for more jeans this winter.

On the bright side, he did not stay in most of the shoes very long, so they are still there for Jack, who is not taking after his brother.  I commiserate with Jack on this one.  Growing up I was the one just a step behind in growth.  Just when I would almost catch up, my older sibling would grow again.  Then during the teen years I did not do one last sudden jump in height, but my siblings did.  Genes are an interesting thing, and not just in regards to height.