Today’s Canning Adventures – apples


With various bushels of apples sitting in my kitchen, it was obvious what I really needed to do today.  The process actually started last night by making 6 quarts of sliced apples.  Today my goal was to turned a bushel into sliced apples as well.

I tried using a hand crank apple peeler.  This is a handy tool, but does not work well if there are soft spots or if the apples are too large.  In the end I used a knife and hand-held vegetable peeler.


Peeling apples takes time, and with it being just me here (besides Olaf who is 2 and not much help in the area of peeling apples) this might take a while.

The boys get out of school early today.  When Olaf’s mom asked if we wanted to join them after school for an outing, I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with my friend.  Where are we going? … A local apple orchard.  🙂

Enjoy your day.