This Week In The Garden – October 18, 2014

Garden Update 2014


The beginning of the week was taken up a lot with phone calls and arrangements, as well as normal life, so not a lot of garden related things happened.  These past few years have taught me that even a little here and there can add up.  Also, sometimes those seemingly large jobs and be broken down into smaller jobs over several days.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce was definitely on the agenda for this week.  It takes about 20 lbs of tomatoes to make 6-7 pints of sauce.  To make the 25 or so pints we use in a year, we need 125 lbs or so.  Thankfully making pizza sauce is pretty simple to do.

However, it is also pretty comparable on price to buy organic pizza sauce once you figure in the price of tomatoes and your time.  If at a point in the future I can not dedicate time towards making pizza sauce, or am unable to have that many tomatoes, this is one area I will begin to look for deals online and at stores.  By making that decision now, I will not feel guilty about it later and will already have a plan in mind.  I like plans.

I processed 100 lbs of tomatoes on Thursday and cooked them down.  Friday night I added spices and processed the jars.  We now have 21 pint jars of sauce sitting on the counter.


Apples also showed up at our house after I was able to buy some at the produce auction.  Paying about $9 per bushel meant getting them for approximately$.21/lb.  These will be used to make applesauce, pie filling and shredded for future use.  We will also eat them as they are – George and Jack seem to have increased their appetites again.  They would be okay with 2 breakfasts, lunch, 2 snacks, dinner and a dessert. Every day.  And still say they were hungry.  With George’s recent increase in shoe size, I am pretty sure a growth spurt is in our near future.  🙂

Yard and Garden Work

Today will find us outside most of the day working on all the small projects that seem to appear with the arrival of Autumn.

  • Sweeping and blowing leaves
  • Clearing off the porch of squirrel eaten pumpkin and adding new things
  • Emptying pots of plants that are on the decline
  • Digging up an herb that a friend wants
  • Gathering seeds from the marigolds

We also are going to take up the border of a bed that will be removed soon.  I plan to use the border in another section of the yard come Spring.

I am also wanting to post something on our local For Sale group.  Right now it is collection leaves on our front porch.  Not exactly helpful or wanted.

The garden is not quite ready to put to bed for the year, but will be there soon.  For now, the fence will remain up and the plants in the ground as much as possible.  I am thinking of planting garlic, though really need to get a move on that if I am wanting to do it this fall.