Listen, Learn and Get Your Garden Fix With Gardening Podcasts


If your yard is anything like mine, you are starting to see signs of Spring appearing all around you.  The first thing I notice is the return of the birds.  I love hearing bird songs before the sun has even risen.  It is like a kindred spirit welcoming the day when all else is still dark.

Along with signs of warmer weather, I start to get antsy to get back into the garden.  This year is a bit different, as I have not started any seeds so far.  Between the remodel on the house and schooling Jack, my brain somehow forgot to walk down to the basement and actually do it.  Maybe it had something to do with being so tired every night for the past few months that I often fell asleep soon after putting the boys to bed.  Either way, gardening this year looks a bit different than last year or the year before or the year before that.  Not bad, just different.

When it was still cold and white outside and I was starting to feel down about not having a lot of time to sit and plan, I decided to get my “garden fix” another way – listening to podcasts.  Not only did I get to transport myself to a world of green growing things and playing in the dirt, but I also learned about various topics along the way.

I will spare you the formal definition of a podcast, in you do not know already, and give you the simple version – it is like getting a radio show directly to your computer or phone.  Sometimes you may need an app, other times you can play it right from their website.

The first is a show that I have enjoyed listening to over this past winter while washing dishes or doing other activities around the house was You Bet Your Garden.  It is a call-in show, as well as containing bits of information the host has to share.

You Bet Your Garden – “An hour of “chemical-free horticultural hijinks,” You Bet Your Garden is a weekly, nationally syndicated Public Radio Show airing out of WHYY-FM in Philadelphis that offers fiercely organic advice to gardeners far and wide.”

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Here are a few other podcasts in case you are looking for something closer to you or from a slightly different view.

Garden Talk from the Wisconsin Public Radio …”Join host Larry Meiller every Friday at 11 a.m. on WPR’s Ideas Network stations as he discusses gardening topics with his guests. The Saturday morning “Garden Talk” at 7 a.m. is an encore broadcast of the first hour of the previous day’s show.”

The Obessive Neurotic Gardener has several podcasts on his website.  The various episodes contain interviews with book writers, show producers, heads of nurseries and so on.

The Self Sufficient Gardener: The podcast dedicated to helping you create efficient, responsible and sustainable food system – these seem to have stopped right before they reaches podcast 200 back in  2013.  There are still relevant topics you can listen to and glean from.

Garden Guys: Down to Earth, Up to Date – “The Garden Guys discuss weekly the latest products & methods for “green living” at home & garden with lots of guests & laughs!”


The links above contain more hours of garden related conversation than you have time to listen to this week, even if you skipped eating and sleeping.  There are even more out there, but I will save those for another day.

Do you have a favorite podcast or radio show?  Please, share with us in the comments so we may also check it park spring flowers blooming tree