Weekly Meal Plan – October 5, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan May 2013It is Autumn and the weather finally decided to agree.  With the turning on of the heater, our desire to try new recipes jumps into high gear.  Oh, how we have trained ourselves.  🙂  There are 4 new recipes on our list to try this week, and an order in for frozen croissant dough.  After making it himself several times, my husband found out he could buy the dough, thereby saving himself 3 days worth of work.  It is more expensive than frozen biscuit dough, but, I’ll reiterate again, it saves him 3 days worth of work.  It also saves us 2 gallons of gas, 1 hour’s driving time, and an eating out bill to go to Big Town on dreary winter days to eat breakfast.  I much more prefer the smell of fresh baked bread and fresh brewed coffee at home.

After months and month of trying to use up our cereal stock, we are 1.5 boxes away. (Though I think I just remembered were a few more boxes are hiding.  Sneaky fellas.) If this week does not finish it off, next week will.  George and Jack (and my husband and I) are not usually cold cereal fan, especially during the cold months.  It has actually taken about 2 years to get them to actually eat it without complaining.  Even now I often have to add a dab of chocolate syrup to the milk for them to eat it.  I would rather have a shake or eggs and toast or oatmeal or homemade muffins or  …. anything but cold cereal.  It just does not stay with me long enough.



  1. Shakes
  2. Cereal
  3. Cereal
  4. Pancakes, fruit
  5. Shakes
  6. Oatmeal, fruit
  7. Eggs, Toast, Fruit


  1. Eat Out
  2. Salad
  3. Grilled Peaches and Pork, grilled flat bread
  4. Spaghetti with meat sauce
  5. *Healthy Slow Cooked Tikka Masala, rice, green vegetable
  6. Sandwiches
  7. *Baby Back Ribs with Spiced Apple Cider Mop


  1. Leftovers
  2. Breakfast For Supper – scrambled eggs, grits, fried salami
  3. *Coconut Grits Dumpling
  4. Leftovers (or leftovers from pantry)
  5. Veggie and Cilantro Hummus Sandwiches
  6. Leftovers
  7. *Spinach Faralle, steamed carrots


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