Kombucha Revolution by Stephen Lee with Ken Koopman {Book Review}

We love trying new recipes.  Whether it be a new soup or dessert or main dish, we find it fun to test out new combinations and ingredients.  Some turn out great and quickly become a part of our family’s life.  “You never know till you try it” is something we often tell our kids.

Drink recipes are a category we have not explored much in the past.  We have tested out various brands and flavors of something, such as coffee and hot cocoa, but it is not often we see an actual recipe for a “new” drink.  Kombucha Revolution introduced me to a whole new world – a home-brewed, fermented drink made from tea.

Tea is something we use a fairly often in our house, so the idea of making a different kind of drink from it caught my attention.  Stephen Lee and Ken Koopman did a great job explaining what kombucha is, then taking the reader through the steps in how to make it themselves.  As if that was not enough, Kombucha Revolution includes various recipes to: infuse various flavors, make mixers, enhance smoothies, create condiments, and to use it in breads and other food dishes (they did not even forget the desserts).  In case things got a bit out of hand, they have you covered in the section on making vinegar.

When I try a new recipe I often find myself referencing back to every step, making sure I am doing everything in the correct order and the correct amounts.  While kombucha does need specifics like this at certain times in the recipes, there are other times when you have to use you best guess.  I appreciated that each recipe did not start out by saying, “Reference page xx for the first 3 steps.”  It was all right there, on the recipes you would be interested in using.  When you are ready to start, there would be no need to flip pages or remember that you  had to start in this section of the book then go to the next.  Once you have the process down, it would be easy to skim through these first few paragraphs to get to the part you may actually be looking to try.

As a novice in this area this was a great book to take me through the process and explain what I needed to do, right down to how to handle the SCOBY.  With the added recipes there was room to grow and try new creations once I got down the basics.  Kombucha Revolution would be a great book to add to your recipe books if you are looking to try something new and a bit out of the norm, or if you are looking for a gift for someone else who does.


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.