Weekly Goals – May 20, 2012

Previous Goals:

1. Transplant lettuce plants – Got these on Friday and didn’t have time to actually plant them yet.

2. Declutter 7 things each day. – made it through Day 4 but then got distracted by cleaning.

3. Hang my bicycle.

4. Set plants outside to get them hardened off.

New Goals:

1. Finish planting garden

2. Report all my seedlings to be sold; give seedlings to friends who want them

3. Clean up guest bedroom – dust, put things away, put on new sheets for guests

4. Clean out spice rack – toss and wipe down

5. Clear out refridgerator and wipe down

6. Cut down seedlings and large weeds from flower beds

7. Plant lettuce seedlings

8. Finish decluttering 7 things each day (that I’m home)