Garden Update and Highlights From This Past Week – July 14, 2014

Garden Update 2014

♦I harvested all the onions from the raised bed pictured below.  I knew that if nothing else got planted this year, I at least wanted a large crop of green onions.  With all that has been going on, the harvesting of these kept getting put off.  I decided to use some time outside, when the kids wanted to play, to week around my bed and harvest these.  There are probably several that were missed, so I’ll do a quick search again in a day or so.  The wood chips made harvesting easy – I could either pull them up, or turn over the wood chips to reveal bulbs who’s tops had already disappeared.

♦While putting up the onions mentioned above, I figured out what the rabbit had been so interested in in this area – it has been trying to build a nest.  I think I kept chasing it off in time.  Next garden project, new stakes and a fence with smaller openings.

♦Blackberries are beginning to turn.  I really  need to cover them and am not quite sure how to go about it – drape bird netting over them or make a frame.  Any suggestions?
♦The potatoes I planted VERY late are growing well.  I need to mound dirt up around them … after I pull weeds first.  Wonder if they will actually grow any potatoes or it the squirrels will get to them first?

onion sets may 6 2014

♦Jack “discovered” a long line of ants migrating in mass down our sidewalk.  Curious boy that he is, he discovered where they came from, then tried to follow them to their end destination.  (I stopped him when he started to get too far away.)

Then he tried to stop them by putting his toys in their way.  Then he tried his wagon.  Boy was he upset when I made him bring all his cones and wagon back as he was completely blocking the main sidewalk (people regularly use this side walk) and had gone further than I told him – “It is not okay to try something if you have to disobey in order to do so.”  Hard concept for a young boy to learn.

After I thwarted his plans, he decided to take to the road with his bicycle (i.e. he ran them over).

Soon thereafter he comes to me and says, “Mom, these ants don’t bite.  You were wrong.”

“Oh, how do you know this?” I ask back.

“Because I stuck my hand in the middle of them,” he replies very simply and matter of fact.

Yes, he is very much a hands-on learner.

♦The day following the above adventure, the ants were still out and about.  How do I know?  This “news flash” from Goldbug, “Mom, I was wrong.  Those ants do bite.  One just bit my back.”  Now, I’m not sure how it got on his back as he was riding his bike.  I didn’t go there.

Not 5 minutes later George come running to me, crying and screaming “Get it off!  It hurts, it hurts!  Mommy!”  Yup, he had an ant that found its way into his sandal and was not happy.  Thinking logically, I asked him if he had not heard his brother just a few minutes before?  “Did you think he was telling story or something?”

“I was not on the sidewalk.  I was in the grass (along the sidewalk) watching them.  Mommy, make it stop hurting.”  Much wailing proceeded until I could calm the kid down.

Good thing we do not live in fire ant country anymore.  These kids have NO idea what pain from an ant bite really is.

♦Had a family get together with some relatives we had never met – actually recently “found” them.  Made me think about George and Jack and how adoption can make things like tracing your heritage and knowing your blood relatives harder.  Also showed me just how different things are now than they were a few generations ago.

♦Have four kids this past week would have been a whole lot easier if swimming lessons had not also been happening.  OR if I actually had a vehicle that could hold this many kids.  Walking to the pool took about 10 times as long as it would have driving.  This made making lunches difficult, so I used the crockpot as much as possible and reverted to sandwiches only one day.