Learning “Simon” and Menu Plan, July 13, 2014

Weekly Menu Plan May 2013

3 weeks without posting my meal plan may have left you thinking I have not actually done this vital planning for our family.  Contrary to the evidence, that is not the case.  The menu planning has been active and well in our household.  It was the step in posting it for others to see that was lacking.

Somehow, that last step is what actually makes it seem “real”.  Is my meal plan an actual plan if I am the only one to see it?  Yes, I post it on the fridge.  In a household with 3 learning or non-readers and a husband who doesn’t take time to look, though, I’m pretty much the only person who takes note of the plan.  Since I make all the meals, I guess it does not really matter if anyone else sees them … I just love the fact that it all looks so nice and orderly printed off.  Oh how I ENJOY a great list.

Simon is still here and I am learning likes and dislikes.  Compared to George and Jack, who have food issues related to their pasts, Simon is odd: he does not over eat, actually has foods he does not like, and can control himself around “free” food. So this is what it is like to have a “normal” kid.  🙂 I am learning his appetite is not as large and George and Jack, but neither is his energy level.  I try to make something I think he will like at every meal, but am still learning.  He did not really like the beef stew I made two weeks ago, but ate a bowl full of beef curry and rice last week then asked for more.  The difference was the form of meat – chunks versus ground beef.  These are small things that most parents learn over time and may not even realize they are learning.  I feel like I am on a crash course in “Learning Simon”.


  1. Traveling
  2. Cereal
  3. Cereal
  4. Bread Pudding (crockpot)
  5. Shakes
  6. Hot Rice Cereal with Nuts
  7. Traveling


  1. Traveling
  2. Pizza (one homemade, one frozen)
  3. Breaded tenderized meat, steamed carrots, peas, potatoes with paprika sauce
  4. Dad’s Meatloaf with Tomato Relish, shredded carrot salad, oven baked sweet potato fries
  5. Sweet and Sour Chicken, beets, corn
  6. Red Lentil Dal, cornbread muffins
  7. Husband – on his own/sandwiches, Everyone else – at activity (they are serving lunch)


  1. Watermelon, PB&J sandwiches
  2. Eggs, toast, grits, fruit
  3. Tomato soup, cornbread muffins
  4. Spaghetti and Meatballs (using leftover meatballs)
  5. Falafel, leftover carrot salad and veggies
  6. Leftovers
  7. Spicy Pan Fried Sirloin Steak with Noodles


  1. Bananas Foster – crockpot


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