Priorities And The Lack Of A Roadside Stand

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These past few weeks have been a difficult adjustment for me, going from having George at school all day to being home.  That part was not so bad.  He runs best when a routine is in place, so I had set up one before school ended and we eased right into summer.  The part that got me was the added activities that came with it being summer:

  • VBS
  • t-ball practice and games
  • basketball camp
  • vacation
  • implementing a summer-homeschool routine that worked for us
  • beginning to babysit Olaf (Our Little Adorable Friend)

My initial plans for the roadside stand were to sell all my extra transplants from starting seeds for my garden.  Well, the big storm took care of that one.  The stand was set out for a week or so, with only one potted plant being sold.  Finally I decided it wasn’t worth the effort each morning till we had more items to put out, so it was placed on my porch and left there.

Earlier this week I talked with my friend, who is the other half of the Roadside Stand team.  She mentioned how the next few weeks are going to involve a lot of out of town guests for their family, as well as a celebration.  She said that the stand was not even on her list of items to think about.

“Oh, good,” I said. “I am feeling the same way and figured if you had really wanted to have been doing it, you would have.  I just haven’t had the time or energy for it.”

“Of course I would have,” she responded.  “That is why we are a team.”

I am so blessed to have found a friend who thinks similarly enough to me that often we can assume, correctly, what the other person is thinking.  She also helps me stay grounded in reality.  It isn’t every friend of mine that I could do something like this with.  It really is a fine line we walk.

Another good point she made was that there was extra time involved besides set up and tear down each night (i.e. carrying it off the porch and making sure things look nice).  It also involved spending time to have items to put on the stand.  It really is a commitment.

This is also the reason we stopped going to the Farmer’s Market.  It was fun, but our families missed us those 5+ hours a week it took to be there on Saturdays, plus the time it took to prepare to go.  Glad we did it.  Glad we stopped.

first 2013 produce stand

Taking care of George and Jack, the house, myself and my husband, and a new foster kid can keep me busy enough.  Add to that the house repair work that needs to be done, the garden, the stand, the blog … well, things had to be simplified.  I had already stepped down from some roles in May and mentally prepared myself to rearrange my priorities.  It was still difficult to let this one go, as I felt I was letting down my friend.  Over vacation I realized that the stand was one area I needed to not stress about – blessing our neighbors with cheap produce is a good thing, but it is not more important than my family, my home or my health.

I was talking with  my husband about this at lunch on Tuesday, how both my friend and I are not in a place right NOW to do it.

“As long as you make sure we have tomatoes,” he replied.  🙂  The man is so predictable and I had already thought of that.

“Don’t worry.  Give me another few weeks and things will calm down.  I won’t forget about tomatoes.  Just because we can’t do it today, does not mean next month will hold the same limitations on time.”

Tomatoes in scale 3

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3 Replies to “Priorities And The Lack Of A Roadside Stand”

  1. How lovely that you’re able to set up a roadside stand and your friend sounds like a lovely partner.

    I would totally buy flowers for $1.00!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. She is. I’m so blessed to have a friend whom I can trust and who doesn’t make life more complicated. I would not be able to do this without her.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for hosting the link-up.

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