Bing – double daily credits on Mondays in June

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It has been a busy day, as all Mondays seem to be.  But the kids are in bed and all is quiet right now.  I’m thinking about a cup of coffee and maybe some quick gardening before the sun sets.  However, I have learned my lesson to stay close for at least a few minutes after bed time.  Why? Just to make sure they truly are sleeping and not just faking it.  What used to be a battle, has now become gloriously … boring.  I’m okay with that.

While waiting I decided to use Bing to search for a few things I was wanting to look up.  To my surprise I found out that Bing is offering double rewards on Mondays in June when you search using your PC.  If you were to search just on Mondays starting today and through the rest of the month, you would be 24% of the way to earning a $5 gift card.  Add in the 10 credits daily you can earn searching on your mobile device and the 15 daily credits you can earn searching with your PC and you could earn the 5 gift card in 15.2 additional days.

If you haven’t joined Bing, it isn’t too late.  Click here to sign up today!

(The picture above is of a recent purchase made via Swagbucks, which was possible with the help of Bing.  I was able to redeem my Bing points for Swagbucks, thereby increasing my total to redeem for a PayPal gift card.)

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