A Review of Reading Eggs & 4 Week FREE Trial Offer

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In our house, there is a definite difference between kids.  One is starting to really grasp abstract concepts, can remember and recall things learned, can problem solve, and likes to stay busy.  The other child has trouble remembering and recalling new things learned, does best with concrete examples, has trouble looking ahead to find solutions, and while active is also okay watching television all day (I think it just takes more effort for him to interact through the day and he is drained at the end). Both of my kids love learning new things, “reading” and the computer.  Even better is if you can combine all three.  Finding things to fit both of their needs, strengths, and likes can sometimes be a challenge.

Reading Eggs accomplished exactly that challenge.  Not only is it a program to help teach reading, but my kids LOVE it.  It is often used as a reward, with no worry of cavities or ruined appetites, “If you finish your morning routines, you can do more of your Reading Eggs.”  We even used the lesson to make a book.  It was a great way to review that day’s lesson.

Each lesson contains a variety of activities the kids unlock.  I appreciate the different ways they repeat the concepts to be learned, hitting on different ways each of my kids learn.

Learn to Read with Phonics

“Reading Eggs is a web based literacy learning program for  4 to 11 year olds. The online program is built on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction: Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. We use over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations to deliver these elements of reading. “

After unlocking all the parts in a lesson, the child earns golden eggs (currency) and a new Critter.  This incentive has worked well on one child, who was so determined to find out what the next critter was that he worked twice as long as I asked him to.

Reading Eggs separates their lessons into groups, or Maps.  When the child reaches the end of a Map a test is given to measure the comprehension of what was learned.  I love this feature as it not only showed me that the first child of mine to reach this point needed extra review (he failed the test), but also allowed said review to be completed easily.  He can go back and redo parts of lessons already accomplished.  Once he retakes the test and passes, he will be able to move onto the next map.  At any time, a child can redo a lesson, or part of a lesson, already completed.

After signing in to Reading Eggs, each child can go to their section.  They will then see their own maps, critters, houses, etc.  They often watch each other do the activity or even help when it is needed.  Yet, they are able to have their own space, to decorate and have fun with.

One difficulty I did find was with a particular lesson that required the kids to move the mouse around and click on the correct answer.  At first the kids were able to do this, but as the time allowed was shortened they were not able to keep up and became frustrated.  The solution was simple, they pointed to the answer and I clicked it, but it was one negative I have found.

Reading Eggs solved several of our needs.  The biggest need we had was for a laid out program to give extra review of reading and sounds to our Kindergartner.  What I was not prepared for was the preschooler also starting to read.  It happened so smoothly I almost missed it.

And now, dear Readers, as a special gift, for a limited time sign up to try Reading Eggs for free for a whole 4 weeks!  Enter promo code TEL002US in the ‘Redeem promo code’ box at sign-up to have this added to your account.  Offer ends May 28, 2014.

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