Not too late to plan a garden

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Last week I talked about organizing your seeds and keeping track of your seed starts once you have actually accomplished that task.

“But I haven’t even started those.  I am so far behind!” you might be saying.

Well, today is better than never.  While it may be too late to start tomato or parsley seeds, in most Zones it is not too late to begin planning your garden.  Where I am, our last frost date has not even occurred.  If you are wanting to garden this year, but already feel behind this post is for you.

If you are brand-new to gardening I would suggest you start small, with a few of the easier to grow plants.  Take your time to research and ask around, find what grows best in your area.  The extra time will pay off in the long run with better results.

list of plants for garden seed transplant

First, you will need to grab a pen and paper.

Secondly, list all the plants you would ideally like to grow in your garden.

garden plan and cilatro seed packet

Thirdly, draw up a layout of your garden.  This does not have to be fancy or to scale.  The layout  in above was when I was expanding my boxes and trying to lay it out better.  I took more time in making it.  The year after I picked up a scrap of paper, drew rough shapes and listed things in columns rather than squares.  I understood the column meant those plants were going in that order.  Do what work for you.  You can take time later to make it pretty.

weeks before first frost seed starting

Last Frost Date marked on calendar

Next, grab your calendar and mark the average last frost date.

First Frost Date Marked on Calendar

first frost date and 2 weeks before on calendar

Now mark the average last frost date.

After those two are done, go back to the list of plants you wrote out earlier and note when each needs to be started (weeks before last frost).  If there are any you still have time, and want, to start put a note beside the name.  If you will need to buy a transplant, note it.  I used ‘S’ and ‘T’ respectively – seed and transplant.

There you have it, you have now planned your garden.  It may not be 100% perfect.  It may not be pretty enough to brag about on Pinterest, but that was not the goal.  The goal was to plan it out.

seedling list 2014

Now for the fun part, getting your hands dirty.

Does your garden need to be marked off?  Tilled?  Amended?  Make notes of those needs also at the bottom of your list.

Do you need to start seeds now?  Make a list of what it is you will need, then go get it.

If you are already feeling behind, this is your chance to jump back on the wagon and enjoy the rest of the ride.  Don’t put off longer the things you need to do or else you will find yourself too far behind to catch up this year.

Enjoy gardening!