Weekly Goals – April 29, 2012

Previous Goals:

There were none. I focused more on being back home an potty training.  The later took more time than I thought but in the end it was mostly sucessful.  There has been about one accident a day, but otherwise okay.  I am so happy, overly joyed really, that it is over.  Goal wise I’m glad that I mainly had only that one goal because not much else got accomplished.  I was able to make lunch each day and got in a few loads of laundry.  At the end of the week, when I thought I could risk being outside the house, I removed the volunteer seedlings from one garden bed.  We were able to plant 12 lettuce seeds and 9 spinach seeds.  I hope the light rain we have gotten today helps them get started.

New Goals:

1. Remove volunteer seedlings from other two beds

2. Start rest of cucumber seeds

3. Pull more weeds from main front flower bed