Feb 112014

watering plant in shower

Even with frequent watering there are times my houseplants need a deep drink.  The air in the house is dry, the heat is blowing on them, or I don’t give them enough during the regular watering.  Whatever the reason, sometimes they just  need a long drink.

A few years ago I came across the tip to give them a good watering by placing them in the shower and giving them a good, long drink.  At first I was skeptical, thinking it would wash all the soil out or not really be worth the effort.  After trying it a few times I realized just how easy it was to do it this way.  If I had put this much water into the pot outside the tub, I would have ended up with a large puddle on the floor before the soil in the pot was thoroughly wet.

I used this method to bring a prayer plant back from the brink of death after my husband decided to turn the heat in the house down to the mid 40’s while we were away for several weeks.  Most plants don’t appreciate temperatures this cool.  All the leaves on the prayer plant were brown and crumbling.  As a last resort I decided to give it a big drink, hoping to stimulate any remaining energy reserves to form new leaves.  It worked.

Sometimes it is the simple solutions that work the best.

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