Finding Compostable Items – kitchen scraps

Kitchen waste for compost

I knew my compost pile needed some non-brown items added to it, but I wasn’t sure where I was going to find it in the middle of winter.  Over the course of making lunch, I began to think of where I might get such items.  Then I realized that the food I was preparing resulted in bit of extras that would be great to have.  “But how much can the extras from the kitchen really produce?”  Turns out it was more than I imagined.  The items above were gathered over the course of 1 day.  It was amazing how quickly it all started to add up once I made a point not to throw out the little bits of this and that.  After a few days I started to find more and more “extras” to add and had to get a larger container.

eggs shells from omelette mixes ready for compost pile

I had come across a great deal on eggs.  There is no way I was going to throw this great source of calcium into the trashcan.  Not only do the plants love this, but so do the worms in the compost pile.

orange peels for compost piles

Oranges, or citrus in general, isn’t something you want a lot of in your compost pile.  This is definitely not something I put in my worm bin since I found out the hard way that my warms do NOT like citrus.  The compost pile has enough other decomposers to make this little bit okay.  All in moderation.

adding compost to front flower bedNow that  you have compost that has broken down, what are you going to do with it?  I found a bed that needed some soil added back to it.  It was the perfect place for the compost.

I have composted in place before, when we first moved here and didn’t have a compost pile set up.  It worked out really well and I was able to notice a difference in just a few months (over winter).  I dug a hole, buried compostable materials and covered them again.  I worked my way through the bed one hole at a time.  What made it even better was that this bed was right outside my kitchen door; no having to walk far in the cold or rain.