Post Produce Day

Your Small Kitchen Garden is hosting their monthly Post Produce day today.

I do not have anything currently actually growing in the garden, so there is not  a lot to post about on the harvesting side of things.  However, we have been using up things that were preserved from last year.

We are down to 1 jar of beets, which I have been actually trying not to use.  I will be very sad once we do, so our beet consumption has been at zero the past few weeks.  I should just give in and make it a special occasion type of dinner to commemorate the last jar until this next growing season.

There is an overabundance of apple butter in my stores, so that has been a frequent visitor on toast the past few months.  Whenever we have eggs and toast for breakfast, twice a week now but almost daily for a three month stretch during the summer, apple butter makes its appearance.  Also on PB&J.

Pickles are also in abundance, though I was not happy with their result.  This was the second time making them and I am thinking they are just not meant to be something I make.  The first time did not turn out well either.  These are getting used up, slowly, as part of snacks with some of the less picky eaters in the house.

Home canned tomato sauce also appeared twice last week.  Once for spaghetti and once as the sauce for pizza.  Nothing special, just tomatoes put through the food mill then cooked till thick.  We add spices as we use them.

Well, that is a bit of what has made, or not made, an appearance this past week.

Take some time to also post over at Your Small Kitchen Garden with your produce notes.