Stachys spp.

lamb's ear

summer photo

Lambs ear in winter

winter photo

The lamb’s ear pictured above was one of the plants I originally tried to use in the front bed when it still looked like this –

front bed beforeWhy place Stachys spp. here?  Well, they grow well in hot barren areas, forming a dense ground cover.  My mind then saw this – fewer weeds to bull, beautiful color, fewer weeds to pull, will spread on its own, fewer weeds to pull.  You get the idea.  It did grow, but I didn’t give it enough time, it somehow was lost in the transition, and honestly the plant was too little to do much on its own.  This is still one of my favorite plants.  I love the look and feels of the soft silvery leaves.  And if you ever find yourself in the woods in need of bathroom tissue, well ….

If you are ever thinking about starting and growing your own, they really are fairly simple to grow.  You can start them from seeds, to transplant where you would like.

Lambs ear seedsAnother option would be to divide an already existing plant.  This would be an option if you know of someone who may be having an issue with their plant growing too much.  A win-win situation.