Famous Last Words

Christmas Clearnace Shopping 2013

Famous last words: “I promise it will be a quick trip in.  I only need ____.”

I stopped by CVS for toilet paper, only, about a week ago.

Christmas Clearance Shopping 2013 3

I entered with $9 in Extra Care Bucks.

Christmas Clearnance Shopping 2013 2

I left with $10 in Extra Care Bucks, about $42 less in my bank account ($30 of which was due to the toilet paper I originally went in for) and over $120 in savings, or about 75% saved.

Teacher gifts for next year have been bought, as have the beginnings of other’s gifts.

I won’t be needing tissue paper for about 3 years.  Can I count the future time and gas saved as current savings?

Husband’s words when I got to the car, “I thought you said a ‘quick’ trip.”