2013 Yearly Goals – December Review

Reviewing my Yearly Goals is always enlightening, and not always in a good way.  I am amazed at how daily life can intrude upon the goals we have for ourselves.  As of late, I feel as if I’ve been pulled this way and that, never getting to what I really wanted to be doing – cleaning out the basement and the garage.  Instead of complaining, I need to be giving thanks – for home I have to able to invite people over, for the car I have to be able to take the kids places, for the porch I have to paint and the two days of unseasonably warm weather last week in which to paint it before the ice came, for family I am able to visit.

When I put this list together last January, I chose to make overarching goals with some specific examples.  However, the specific examples were not necessarily the goals themselves.  To this end I want to note that I did a lot in several areas that aren’t noted in the list below.  For example:

Children, encouraging learning – we took a 2 week vacation at the beginning of November to visit extended family in a other state in a very different growing zone than us.  Instead of spending the time in from of the t.v. we took trips to botanical gardens, museums, the Grand Canyon, the Biosphere 2, and so on.  It isn’t necessarily the fact that we went to these places, but that we used them to point out things the kids are really into.  We were able to apply

Gardening – I took the plunge and decided to remove several landscaping plants and put in fruit plants.  I’ve added strawberry plants, blackberry plants, a blueberry bush and have ordered a peach tree to plant this upcoming Spring.  This is something I’ve wanted to do several years ago when we moved in, but kept feeling guilty for wanting to get rid of the “nice looking plants”.  I have finally realized that this is MY  house and MY yard.  I should have in it what I want, not what worked for others.  Yeah, I know.  It really shouldn’t have taken me this long.


Here are my goals for 2013:



Preserve produce for upcoming year – I recently picked up more canning jars at a garage sale with these goals in mind.

  • Can 60 quarts of crushed tomatoes – 7 quarts canned
  • Put up 77 quarts of tomato sauce
  • Can 52 quarts of beets – 10.5 quarts are canned (was 11.5 but we ate one.)
  • Grow, and freeze, 12 sandwiches bags of green onions.  Freeze their stems separately.
  • Freeze 30 bags of red peppers; 12 for meatloafs, 12 for soups, 6 for omletes and various uses
  • Can apple/pear sauce, as much as can be done
  • Grow enough basil, parsley and cilantro to not have to buy any during the growing season; preserve herbs

Grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to supplement our weekly salads and zucchini for stand

Redo garden layout

  • Relocate raised bedsseed where beds were –
  • Make raised beds deeper
  • Convert or build raised bed for strawberries
  • Create a herb container garden
  • Create trellis for beans under kitchen window – So far this  hasn’t happened.  Once the house painting is finished I’ll add something in.
  • Remove weeping cherry tree (plant blackberries?)
  • Create large containers for blueberry bushes
  • Remove brushes and concrete blocks under hackberry tree; relocate daffodil bulbs; flatten area – began working on this yesterday.
  • Build 2 rain barrels


Encourage learning  

  • Read aloud 8 books per month from Reading List {ongoing.  I did get a Reading List for Children put together of all the books I was interest in reading.} – I’m working my way through a short book a day at nap time.  This has been working out really well for us.
  • Help kids learn to count to 50, without missing numbers  – We are almost here.  What an odd goal, now that I think about it.  The fact that this wasn’t even a possibility at the start of the year is amazing.  
  • Teach the oldest to read, or try toI’m counting this as achieved since site words and sounding out others does take place, at least when the brain is well rested.  The desire to work harder at this isn’t there.  Perhaps that will be an area of emphasis next year.
  • Have daily walks or times to explore outside.  

Encourage the kids to learn more about the Bible and God

  • Morning Bible Times during the week
  • Memorized the Disciples’ names  One kid has accomplished this! 
  • Help them memorize the books of the Old Testament by August  (about 6 per month) 
  • We just memorized our first verse.  Turns out the kid who I thought couldn’t do it was actually just being stubborn and knew if before everyone else … even after refusing to practice it with us.

Encourage positive self-esteem

  • Teach oldest to ride a bike without training wheels – I’m not pushing this, especially with snow and ice on the ground.  It will happen when it happens.
  • Swimming lessons
Encourage self-sufficiency
  • Assign 1 habit/chore per month for each kid to work on {ongoing}
  • Keep up with former habits {ongoing} – Turns out there was the “I’m not going to do that, it’s Mom’s job” attitude growing.  sigh After reminding them I don’t work for them, we have made some progress.  It is a daily journey.



Learn more about the Bible and God

  • Finish reading through the Bible (I’m over half way there) 
  • Daily morning Bible (Quite) Times – Doesn’t always happen in the morning, but it is going better.  

Take better care of myself

  • Run in a 5K
  • Get at least 8 hours rest – 
  • Play/practice my instrument weekly (it has been over 8 years since I played it.)
  • Create a book list for myself. Read three books per month
  • Journal 3 x weekly 
  • Try new things – Grow {ongoing}


Stay connected

  • Go on at least one date a month {ongoing} – 
  • Take time to talk each day {ongoing}
  • Say “I love you” meaningfully daily {ongoing}

breaded pork chop with peas cornbread muffins and carrot sticks


Create a schedule that works for the household

  • See “encouraging self-sufficiency” under the children’s section above, as well as my goal of getting 8 hours of rest each night
  • Focus on one habit a month {ongoing}
  • Plan meals – menu plan on a monthly basis, do freezer cooking for 3 months at a time of at least 14 meals, organize recipe bindertry 24 new recipes 
  • Read 4 books on organization, scheduling, or setting goals

Create a welcoming environment (Finish incomplete tasks and get rid of clutter)

  • De-wallpaper and paint upstairs
  • Repaint porch A 2nd coat on the floor will be needed next Spring.
  • Replace siding on house – Accent colors will be added to trim next Spring.
  • Label pantry
  • Finish painting around “new” trim
  • Finish closet in downstairs bedroom
  • Decorate my bedroom
  • Pick up, organize and declutter basement and upstairs closet
  • Declutter – reduce number of cook books, spend 5 minutes a day on hot spots, reduce number of toys out
  • Garage – attach counter top, finish putting up cabinets, organize cabinets, declutter, wipe down walls
  • Find art work or pictures to put up in main living areas

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family:

Keep in contact with family and friends

  • Skype once a week with my mother-in-law {ongoing} – my husband is good about this.  Me, not so much.
  • Skype at least once a week with my nephew {ongoing}
Encourage those around me
  • Write at least two handwritten notes every month to encourage someone {ongoing}


Stand/Blogging/Other Income Sources:

Create a schedule

  • Take Sundays off (schedule posts ahead of time, don’t put stand out, stay off computer) – {ongoing}
  • Create a blog schedule with certain days having themes (Menu Plan Monday, etc.)


  • Earn money each month in Amazon gift cards (from SwagbucksBing and surveys) {ongoing}
  • Try new ways of making money – 
  • Sell what I have – repot aloe plants and sell, make starts of house plants, grow zucchini (something that does very well on our stand), objects decluttered from around the house (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.) – I’ve started placing a box in the pantry and adding items to it as I come across them.  These are items I realize we don’t really like, need, want or use.  This has turned out to be easier than doing it room by room.