Weekly Goals – October 20, 2013

Weekly Goals collage May 2013

This week is starting without me.  I’m still technically on the MOMcon trip.  🙂  On Saturday we leave for our 2-week family trip.  Between now and then several things need to get done.  Last week’s list, rewritten to be more specific, was helpful in keeping my sanity when I really wanted to just hide under a blanket with a book.  Oh how I miss the days I used to be able to do that.

Last Week’s Goals

  1. Can blackberry jam (it is already pureed and in the refrigerator.  It just needs to be cooked and canned.)
  2. Can salsa (The tomatoes are picked, but need to be used.)
  3. Pick apples
  4. Make and freeze 3 months worth of corn bread muffins
  5. Read 1 hour to the kids
  6. Finish painting railing on 1/2 of the porch
  7. Print off more coupons, or get more gift cards, to use on upcoming family trip

bird feeders for gold finchesThis Week’s Goals

  1. Switch clothing (summer for winter)
  2. Decorate a pumpkin, sealing and painting
  3. Make and free 3 months worth of either Chinese Style BBQ Pork or Meatloaf
  4. Can applesauce
  5. Read 1  hour to the kids
  6. Look for Groupon and other deals for family trip
  7. Gather leaves and mulch

I expect the garden to be done by the end of this month.  Temperatures are getting cooler.  Lows are close to the frost point.  Harvests levels are decreasing.  There are still a few onion bulbs that I hope will keep growing.  I may have to find some cloth to protect from frosts.

On Tuesday we had Spaghetti and Meatballs for supper.  I decided to double the meatball recipe to have some extra in the freezer.  We ended up with 57 meatballs.  That is more than 3 months worth.  Though it was exactly the meal I was planning to make, it is what worked and is something we each each month.  It may have taken me an extra 5 minutes, but saving the dishes and time to pull out and mix up the ingredients for the next four meals was worth it.

Where one door closes another one opens.  I focus more on the inside and planning during the winter months.  I’ll talk more about that next week.  For now I am going to enjoy the great fall weather and go rake some leaves.

What is on your list for the week?