Book Review – Limitless, devotions for a ridiculously good life

While I enjoyed going through Limitless, it wasn’t what I was hoping it would be.  I was hoping for something a bit deeper and was actually feeling a bit let down by this fact.  That is when a realization took place.  Not every devotional is right for every time in life.  Though it may not be the devotional book for me right now, Limitless would have been the perfect thing for me when I was going through a tough time involving a change in our family.  It was a time of wondering what the future would hold, if we had made a mistake in taking this path, if I could actually do what was before me.  At that time, I didn’t have the energy for deep theological devotions.  I barely had time for showers, and being able to finish any meal I started was difficult.  The encouragement found in Limitless would have been just what I needed.  The short passage selection, two page devotional and quick summary at the end of each day’s devotion would have been the perfect length.

Nick Vujicic writes from a place of understanding, knowing that life isn’t always what you may want it to be.  What he helps you see is that this doesn’t mean it has to be hopeless.  God is there, even in the not so perfect times.  Click on the link to read chapter one.  Also, check out Nick Vujicic’s website here

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.  All opinions are honest and mine.