Deals & Christmas Shopping Has Begun


Thanks to the $1 sale at a local second hand shop I left with $38 worth of items for only $19 and change. It would have been $3 less if I had been paying better attention and mentioned that two of the items should have been half price -one of them being $1 to begin with and the other being a non-clothing item.  There were actually three items, but the third one was a piece of clothing that would have cost more than $1 if they had marked it in half so I wouldn’t have mentioned it. Since the proceeds from this store go to help a ministry overseas, I’m not kicking myself too much. I’m just re-categorizing it in my head as an ‘offering’ rather than ‘you spent too much’.

There are also some Christmas gifts in there – 1 PJ set, a PJ top, and a shirt. Yes, it is not too early to start shopping. These are not the first gifts I have bought.  Another store had some marked down items which I thought would make great gifts for particular people I had in mind.  If only shopping for the adults in my life would be this easy.

Last year I hit up the after Christmas/post New Years sales and was able to find several bath/lotion sets on sale.  When I got them I stuck notes to each saying who it was for.  So Sunday School teachers, school teachers, class aides, bus aides and bus drivers are already bought for.

Here are a few of the items already bought.  The socks were found at the Dollar Spot at Target, with two someone’s specific in mind.  The rest were after Christmas purchases this past January.




Last month I made a quick list of gift ideas for kids.  It started as a list from which to gain further ideas.  A brainstorming list if you will.  Here is what I came up with:

  • Building blocks (age appropriate size/style – Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.)
  • Additions to train set
  • Fun socks/shoelaces
  • Pajamas
  • House shoes/gripper socks
  • Swing set
  • Dress-up costumes (silly glasses, hats, scarves, bags)
  • Puzzles
  • Fun pillow case/sheets
  • Window paints
  • Art kits/hands on projects
  • Tool boxes with tools (Menard’s free after rebate items)
  • Piggy banks
  • Glow sticks (after Halloween sales)
  • DVD sets
  • Dave Ramsey Jr. books

Have you started shopping yet?  What items are on your lists of potential gifts or things you are looking for?