Tomato Invasion

After yesterday’s post about weekly goals, I was determined to make today a productive day.  I ended last night with the house in decent, though not perfect, shape.  Because of the meal plan I knew what was for breakfast and lunch.  Life was good.

pansy flowers

My plan for today included going to the produce auction to (hopefully) get a few 25 lb boxes of tomatoes, getting a hair cut and picking up more around the house.  What it did NOT include was going straight from the produce auction to preschool, to drop off a kid, with 21 boxes of tomatoes in my car.  So what did I do?  I loaded 525 lbs of tomatoes in my car, drove the kid to preschool, picked up a sandwich as a restaurant, went home, unloaded 525 lbs of tomatoes into my house, put some of the tomatoes on the produce stand, took 5 minutes to eat lunch and then left for a hair cut.




For the next almost hour I sat and was pampered.  Isn’t that what you do when you have hundreds of pounds of tomatoes waiting for you in your kitchen?  It has been about 6 months since my last hair cut, which resulted in about 3 inches being cut off.  When I walked in I told the beautician to do what she thought would look good, but it needed to be long enough for a pony tail.  Beyond that, I left it up to her.  In the end she cut it shorter and blended the layers the last stylist had added. Then she asked if I wanted it curled. Spending a lot of time on my hair is not something I do, but decided to enjoy the experience today.

I came out feeling younger and a few pounds lighter.  I think it is time to go change out of my “play/garden jeans” and t-shirt and into something more in line with my hair.  (And, yes, for those that know me, go right ahead and laugh.)  Well, it would be time for that except I have 475 lbs of tomatoes sitting in my kitchen.  Where did the other 50 lbs go to?  Some of it is on the road side stand, and the rest is in the basement to refill the road side stand baskets.

The yellow tomatoes will become crushed tomatoes, unless they turn out to be meaty.  In that case they will be made into yellow spaghetti sauce.

And lest you think I did this just to procrastinate on painting the porch ceiling, I still intend to do that tomorrow.  Remember, this week I won’t have to be cooking lunch in the middle of the day.  I see no reason not to be able to do up four or so boxes (100 lbs) each day.  Just remind me next week that I said that.  🙂