Weekly Goals – August 19, 2013

Weekly Goals collage May 2013

With the start of school, my days are looking a bit different.  Thankfully they will be a bit easier than last school year.  No longer will I have to meet a bus four times a day.  Yes, that alone makes one’s day a lot easier.  This year, I will only have to meet it three times.  🙂  The one meeting time we lost was the one right before lunch.  Meaning?  Lunch shouldn’t be rushed like last year.  Also, since I will be hanging out in front of my house three times a day, the little jobs there will be taken care of 5 – 10 minutes at a time.  The bushes will finally be trimmed.

As I am currently waiting for a bus, I am going to keep this post pretty simple and get right to my goals for this week:

  1. Fix the toilet’s handle.  (not a gardening related goal, but a needed one.)
  2. Paint the ceiling of the porch.
  3. Paint the door on the porch.
  4. Treat plants for powdery mildew.
  5. Obtain and can remaining tomatoes needed for crushed tomatoes.
  6. Keep up with laundry.

That’s it.  With changing my routine, and the kids’, I think it will also be enough.  I am giving myself the next two weeks to finish the porch, its ceiling and all related railings and doors.  It should be enough, if I make it THE priority in the afternoons.  Tomorrow though, I plan on getting that haircut I have needed for the past three months.  I’ll make painting THE priority beginning Wednesday.  🙂

crushed tomato collage