Weekly Goals and Canning Update – August 13, 2013

It is harvest time here at SeeYouInTheGarden.  Here is a highlight of what I have been up to during the past week.

pickled beets collage


Last week started off with the canning of 45 quarts of pickled beets.  This brought the total number of quarts to 54.  That is 2 quarts over my yearly goal.  If we get more beets put up that will be okay, though these will not be something I seek out to do. (If you look at the recipe and the pictures above you may notice that a picture of the sugar is missing.

All the canning of the pickled beets took place on one day.  What a way to start off the week.  The end of the week saw the visit of a long-time friend.  One of the activities during that visit was a trip to a local produce auction.  This resulted in 60 lbs of tomatoes and 5 half bushels (100 lbs) of peaches

crushed tomato collage

This week began with canning of crushed tomatoes.  28 quarts to be precise.  My total for the year is at 35 quarts, with the goal being 66 quarts.  I find that crushed tomatoes are the easiest way to can tomatoes and a great way to use up those that need to be processed quickly.  They are also very versatile in recipes and can be substituted for diced tomatoes or other forms called for in various cooked recipes.

spiced peaches collagePeaches are somewhat of a new thing for me.  Thanks to a Christmas gift last year I had two pouches of mix for spiced peaches.  I was able to get peaches for about $.24/lb, on average, last week.  At the time my only plans were for spiced peaches.  Those plans were quickly amended to include peach butter, which is still in the crock pots cooking down.  This afternoon/evening will see the remaining peaches processed into spiced peaches and the peach butter canned.  There will be several disappointed people when that happens, as everyone here has enjoyed being able to just grab a peach whenever they wanted.  If I am able to get more peaches at this price I will definitely do so.  My only complaint with some of the peaches was the difficulty in peeling some of them.  Most of them were easy to do, using the method shown above.  The rest I had to do by hand with a knife.  They came out okay, it just took a bit longer.

The rest of this week will see us getting ready for the beginning of school, as well as paying attention to the yard.  Some routine maintenance is in order as well as general picking up.  I’m torn between being happy and sad about school starting.  It will afford me a few hours each day to tackle some jobs around the house, but it also means being away from the kids.  I know the kids are excited about school, as they have been asking me every day of the summer break, “Do we go to school today?  How about tomorrow?  When does school start?”  This is meant as anything personal against me, they just really like school.

Weekly Goals:

  1. Finish canning peaches
  2. Pick up and remove tree and bush limbs
  3. Cut grass and weeds from around garden beds (inside the fence)
  4. Trim bushes (yes, this is on the list again as it keeps not getting  done)
  5. Mulch around rose bushes
  6. Turn compost pile

Even though there are only 5 items on the list I’m not sure all items will be accomplished.  There is something on the calendar for every day, so these items will be done between the other appointments.  However, this list is very doable if they are made a priority … and I leave my books down for when it is too dark to work outside.  🙂

How has your canning and preserving come along?

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