Garden Update and 5 x 5 Challenge – May 23, 2013


What a week of wind this has been.  It is still cool and wet, not at all the warm weather I, and my seeds, have been hoping for.  Is this the reason the majority of my seeds have not sprouted yet?  It isn’t snowy, like the picture above, but it for sure isn’t a warm Spring.

I did see a wonderful surprise today.  The summer squash I planted last week is starting to come up.  This bed is against the house on the south side.  I’m wondering if this has something to do with these seeds sprouting and not the others.  The other beds are a bit away from the house and on the north side, though in a sunny location.  The one against the house has the added advantage of heat from the house warming it.  Well, I say advantage, but that isn’t so in a hot summer when it bakes the plants.


I am delighted to see my blackberry bush is still going strong …


as is the blueberry bush ….


My second, and newer, blackberry bush has yet to leaf out.  I’m thinking the cool weather has something to do with it.  It is still alive, so I am holding out hope.

Here are the four tomato plants I planted a few weeks ago.  The first two are ones I did not take the fruit or blooms off of.  They are looking a bit wimpy.



The second pair are looking a lot better.  They haven’t grown much, but have perked up.


The flowers seem to be doing well in the planters and in the bed.



Week 5 of the 5×5 Garden Challenge is now underway.  Here is the update on the bed I’m using for the 5 x 5 challenge –

The wind has taken its toll on the onions tops.  They are laying every which way instead of straight up.


There seems to be a Bermuda Triangle of sorts in the bed.  Whatever gets planted in this spot disappears – bean plants, tomato plant, onions … not sure why, but it just goes away.


I also planted seeds here … again.  There used to be a zucchini transplant here … it disappeared.  I put in a second one.  It disappeared.  Third time is a charm, right?  I hope so.  We’ll see if summer squash have a better track record.DSCN7771

The 5 x 5 Garden Challenge started a few weeks ago.  The main goal of this challenge, according to Chiot’s Run blog, is to learn and encourage gardeners, especially new gardeners.  Please join us in the challenge and see how much you can do in a small space.

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