Curb Appeal – The front porch


My front porch is one area that the  home and garden met.  It isn’t exactly another room IN your house, though it feels like it at time.  However, it isn’t a part of your garden, per se.  Depending on which direction you come from it can be either a destination, if you are walking through your yard and garden, or it can be the entrance into your garden, if you are walking out of your house.  It can also be a vantage point from which to enjoy your garden.

There is a lot of wind where we live.  Add to this all the farm fields nearby and you can understand why there is often dust on our front porch.  I have let this be an excuse for the dingy look, but it shouldn’t be.  Everyone else around us deals with the same issue and they seem to have porches that look just fine.  I have thought that the set up of our porch (one end being screened in) leads to an odd airflow that traps the dust in more.  This could be the case.  Either way, sweeping it often during the summer months is important.

With the fact that I need to sweep often, there are very few items just sitting around on the porch.  Our porch swing, a mat in front of the door, a rocker, a glider with a side table and an old table.  We have two sitting areas, so these pieces are divided between the two.  With such few items, each plays an important visual roll.  One of my goals for this year is to replace the porch swing’s cushions, and maybe even the porch swing itself.

I have been looking at different cushions and pillows but have yet to decide for sure on a particular style and color.  One of the reasons for not doing it sooner was that we were planning to paint the house and had not yet decided on a new color.  Now that we have, let the looking begin …

Here are several from Plow and Hearth that caught my attention –

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Classic Swing/Bench Cushions

Deluxe Sunbrella® Swing/Bench Cushions

Birds And Bees Photo-Printed Throw Pillows

All-Weather Outdoor Flower Throw Pillow


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