Adding Color

pansy flowers

pansy flowers 3


new flowers in bed pansy


The pansies should spread to cover a lot of the area between them. With the lillies behind them, and some sunflowers behind those, this bed has the potential for great curb appeal.  A much improved look over last year.  I made picture above larger, even though it is out of focus, so you could also see the volunteers that sprouted up in the lower right hand corner.  This is one of the advantages/challenges of using my own compost.  Sometimes not all the seeds have composted.  I also spend a few minutes weeding out clumps of tomato sprouts.  The soil is soft, thanks to the mulch, so the chore wasn’t much of a chore.  I’m going to let these particular volunteers grow and see what they become.  They can always be removed at a future date.

Below is a picture of this same bed last fall.  All those plants are weeds.  Well, the lillies are in there but you can’t see them because they have been choked out.

flower bed preremoval


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