Curb Appeal – lots of pictures

landscape edging and mulch

Again, my apologies for the unfinished post that was posted earlier today.  Want to know why?  Check out the status on our Facebook page, it all goes together.

Last week one of my goals was to add edging and mulch to the bushes on either side of my front walkway and in front of my porch.  One side of the walkway was completed.  I had begun putting edging along the bed up against the porch and down the other side of the walkway but was interrupted by it being supper time (silly people actually wanted to eat before going to bed) and rain.  Sunday I was determined not to let the rain stop me completely – I wanted to finish the edging.  (It finally was finished today, at the expense of some other items that need to be done around/in the house.  Isn’t that what rainy days are for?)

Pictures from last week:


Laying down a line to follow.


Gardener-in-Training had fun ‘helping’ move the shovel back and forth.


New roll of edging wasn’t cooperating very much.

helper hammering in landscape edging

 G.I.T. wanted to help again.  I started the stakes and let G.I.T. take some tries.  It didn’t take too long before the hammer was offered back.


View of edging in place.

landscape edging and mulchEdging and mulch are in place.  I was ready for a cup of ice tea and a break on the porch swing … I got to make supper.

 Once that was done, grass and weeds along the edges were removed.  The grass was relocated to a bare part of the yard.  The weeds were left in the sun to die and then thrown away.

landscape edging second side

Landscaping fabric was added and mulch was placed on top to keep it from blowing in the breeze …

putting down landscape fabric with mulch

putting down landscape fabric under bushes

putting down landscape fabric and mulch under bushes

… hostas from another bed were divided and planted ….

hostas divided

divided hostas replanted


…. then mulch was added to it all.

wet steps under mulch

bush with landscape fabric mulch finished

bushes with landscape fabric mulch finished 2

More mulch will have to be applied as time goes.  I’m fine with how it looks for now.

bushes with landscape fabric and mulch finished

The mulch was actually not bought at a store or anywhere else.  It was hauled, in pots, from our local yard waste disposal site.  I had been there looking for bags of leaves when I saw this pile on the other side of the work area.  After hauling leaves, to add to raised beds, I decided to check it out and see if it really was what I thought.  Sure enough, a small pile of sawdust and wood chips.  They still looked new as the color was still a bright yellow/gold.  A few trips back and forth later and there was a pile of mulch on my front porch steps.  (At least my  husband couldn’t complain about me killing the grass.)

I had debated whether to add landscaping fabric or not.  Then I came across a roll in my basement and decided to compromise.  At the end of my bushes, where flowers are planted, I laid down several layers of newspapers, after removing the weeds and grass, then topped them with mulch.  Under the bushes I used the landscaping fabric then mulch.  By the porch I added the wood chips on top of the leaves I piled there this past fall, a natural mulch.   There are a few weeds that had to be removed, but not a lot grows there due to the amount of shade.  I do have to keep on top of honeysuckle bush sprouts and violets, but think adding the edging and mulch will help.  The edging will allow me to make the mulch (wood chips and leaves) I place there a bit deeper.  The leaves will help choke out plants and the wood chips should help make the ground softer when I go to pull the plants.

When ever I make a trip out to the yard waste disposal site in the future I will be checking the area where they cut wood (anyone can come cut free firewood).  I also have called a tree company and put my name on their list for wood chips if they trim trees in our area.  These two sources should result in free chips and me not having to pay for them.  One more way I have been able to save on my garden costs.