April’s To-Do Gardening List

hostas around tree in spring

Even though the month of April is nearing an end more than just beginning, there is still time to get some gardening work done which needs to be completed this month.  Organic Gardening has a month by month to-do list for each zone.

I thought I was doing pretty well, and do have most of my items done.  There was one item that for some reason I thought was a fall job, dividing hostas.  However, I’m glad to find out I was wrong as I was just lamenting to myself this past week that it really needs to be done.  The job is dividing up some perennials.  As these hostas are not bulbs I’m not sure why I was thinking it has to be done in the fall.  Maybe it is because the other plants to divide were bulbs and I just put the two jobs into one – divide plants.

Which one for your zone are you (or were you) most looking forward to doing?