30 Days, 21 Projects – Day 30 Never THE perfect time, so do it now

30 days 21 projects photo

Math is one topic I loved in school.  Numbers still have an appeal for me.  Apparently, though, my math was a bit off this time.  I had it in my head that the 30 Days was going to end on Thursday.  Then I sat down to post today’s progress, did the math and realized my mistake. Today is the end of the 30 days.  Did it creep up on anyone else?

This time perfectionism is not going to get in the way.  The day is not done yet and I am actually on my way outside to finish #5 and #6 on the list.  I started yesterday, realized a part I thought I had was used previously.  After trying a few things as substitutes, and finding them not the right tool, I spent the $3.50 at the hardware store and got what I really needed – wire brushes.

#12 is almost done.  I have cut through half of the tree with my hand saw.  Once I have finished it (this afternoon?) I will plant the blackberry plants that came in the mail over the weekend.

#21 is also on the “to-do” list this week.  I decided that the last soup was going to be beef stew, of which I have all the ingredients.  I may end up on the stove tonight just to get it completed, though may not.  Either way, it is going to be done by the end of the week.

I am actually battling a cold right now that is zapping me of energy, giving me a headache and making is almost impossible to talk.   (I lost my voice due to coughing.)  Yet, I am not sitting around.  I am doing what I can. This means that whatever gets done today, gets done.  What doesn’t get done today will happen tomorrow.  And I am okay with that.  (However, it has to get done tomorrow as I am right against the self imposed deadline to redo my raised beds.  The weather is turning warmer and I want to take advantage of it.  Onions sets are waiting to go in the ground and strawberry plants are expected in this week.  In order to get both of those planted I need soil and beds in which to plant them.  This will be a post later in the week, but may explain some quietness on the blog in the next few days.)

No time is ever THE perfect time.  I am feeling under the weather, the kids are be home for spring break and asking a zillion questions, the laundry needs done, there is dust in more places than I want to admit, and the front porch needs cleared off (weekly goal).  However, I can find things about each day that are not perfect.  Life isn’t perfect.  So NOW is the time to just do those things that need to be done.

4 out of 21 projects are not completed.  Not perfect but I am very happy with the results of the past 30 days.  Another way to look at this is – I have completed 17 projects in the past month!  That is 17 projects done that were still hanging around unfinished as of last month.  I am glad to have not saved the largest projects for the end.  Of the 4 projects left, a few are a bit more complicated, but none are huge.

Lists of my 21 Projects:

  1. Spackle stairway walls
  2. Prime spots to be painted (from previous replacement of door and window frames)
  3. Paint spots around door and window frames
  4. Repaint Horse post by street
  5. Strip vent covers in bathroom and kitchen
  6. Repaint bathroom and kitchen vent covers
  7. Seal pots and paint with chalkboard paint (to be used with herb plants on the deck)
  8. Add outlet cover for washer/dryer
  9. Add outlet cover for outlet on front porch
  10. Check credit report
  11. Replace light fixture in stairway
  12. Remove weeping cherry (to create a place for blackberry bushes) – work in progress
  13. Put out a bird bath
  14. Buy new kitchen trash can – work in progress
  15. Organize and label kitchen pantry
  16. Move clothing totes to back of crawl space (instead of right in front), add shoe rack and rod to hang winter coats
  17. Divide out future clothing sized into clear totes, label
  18. Put camping stuff in tote(s), label
  19. Clean bathroom grout
  20. Seal bathroom grout
  21. Make and freeze 4 different soups, 3 months worth each – work in progress.  3 soups made.

The projects in bold above are ones that I either and working on today, or plan to begin tonight.  I actually finished one project this morning and another one was put on hold at lunch time.

The cherry tree has been worked on a bit at a time and is almost done.  There was a small debate in my head yesterday concerning this project – break down the limbs to compost in my pile, but add time to the projects OR take them to the town’s disposal sight and get done sooner.  I decided to add the limbs to the compost pile rather than taking them to the town’s yard waste disposal site.

How have you done completing projects this past month?  Just by thinking about what needs to be done have you found yourself doing some of them?