30 Days, 21 Projects – Day 23 Picture updates and snow day version

30 days 21 projects photo

Lists of my 21 Projects:

  1. Spackle stairway walls
  2. Prime spots to be painted (from previous replacement of door and window frames)
  3. Paint spots around door and window frames
  4. Repaint Horse post by street
  5. Strip vent covers in bathroom and kitchen
  6. Repaint bathroom and kitchen vent covers
  7. Seal pots and paint with chalkboard paint (to be used with herb plants on the deck)
  8. Add outlet cover for washer/dryer
  9. Add outlet cover for outlet on front porch
  10. Check credit report
  11. Replace light fixture in stairway
  12. Remove weeping cherry (to create a place for blackberry bushes) – work in progress
  13. Put out a bird bath
  14. Buy new kitchen trash can – work in progress
  15. Organize and label kitchen pantry
  16. Move clothing totes to back of crawl space (instead of right in front), add shoe rack and rod to hang winter coats
  17. Divide out future clothing sized into clear totes, label
  18. Put camping stuff in tote(s), label
  19. Clean bathroom grout
  20. Seal bathroom grout
  21. Make and freeze 4 different soups, 3 months worth each – work in progress.  3 soups made.

Above I have put in bold, red letters the project I am hoping to work on today.  I may get that one done or another one.  I may get more than one done.  Laying in bed this morning I had grand plans, but then realized that it was still dark outside and all things seem much easier while laying in bed thinking about doing them.  They also don’t seem to take near as long at that time of morning in that particular position.  Add to that some other things that need to get taken care of today I need to not forget that there are people who are counting on me for food and attention.  We’ll see what the day brings.

I am really starting to feel the crunch time on this.  7 more days to go.  This involved being gone from home for 3.5 of those days.  It also involved a snow storm which kept kids home from school on Monday and us inside Sunday night.  One thing I was able to do was to upload pictures that were on my camera and had not made it to the blog yet.  Here are some of the photos I have taken, both of the snow and of projects from the list.

The first two are of the new bird bath placed in the yard.  I decided to put it among the rose bushes for a few reasons.  One being that the previous owners had a statue or such here and left the concrete blocks.  Also, I thought it would look really nice during the summer when the bushes are all green and full of blooms.

Bird bath among rose bushes

bird bath reflecting cloudy sky

Here is how it looked Monday morning with 10 inches of snow on it (we had an inch more, but some was blown off of here I believe.

snow on rose bushes and bird bath

Yes, there is a bird bath under there.  By lunch time Monday all the snow was melted off.  The temperatures just weren’t right to have the snow hang around any longer.

depth of snow on bird bath in inches

10 inches on the bird bath

snow depth on birdbath in centimeters

This meant about 24 or 25 cm.

snow filled basketball hoop

I would have never thought that a basket ball net would actually catch and hold snow.  The wind was blowing very had, though, and it was wet enough to stick.

snow on trees and back deck

snow on trees and deck

snow on trees

If you look close enough you can tell that the branches are bending.  Not only is this due to the weight of the wet snow, but also because these are soft wood trees.  They were created to bend easily under weight.  For the most part they will come back to their normal stance without incident.  Now hickory trees are the exact opposite.  They are hard woods and don’t bend easily.  They will hold up under weight but are more likely to break.  This is also why you don’t see baseball bats made out of pine wood.  The ball just wouldn’t be hit as far.