30 Days, 21 Projects – Day 13

Perfectionism has tried to work its way in while doing this list of projects.  I’m so glad I have not given in to it a lot so far.  For example, yesterday, the plan was to spend time in the morning putting up painters’ tape in the second room and applying a second coat of paint to the first room.  That didn’t happen.  Instead, I picked up around the house, returned something to the hardware store, picked up a few items while there (for #4 and #6 below), picked up a few items from the grocery store, sorted laundry and started a load.  The afternoon found me making supper (see #21 below), mopping the kitchen floor, then taking advantage of the nice weather outside. (see #12 below, I wish I could show you pictures.  I forgot to take them last night and right now it is 4:55 am, dark and rainy.  Not exactly really good setting to take photos outside.)  I also added another meeting to the calendar for next week.  These things do seem to come in groups.  I sort of prefer it that way, as I would rather have one week busy than two weeks just messed up.  (Yes, I have been having a lot of meetings lately, but we also have a lot going on here at home. Such is life sometimes.)

Today is going to see me gone all day, so I’m honestly not sure what today is going to hold.  I feel okay taking a day off from working on projects, as I worked on two yesterday.

Lists of my 21 Projects:

  1. Spackle stairway walls
  2. Prime spots to be painted (from previous replacement of door and window frames)
  3. Paint spots around door and window frames – work in progress.  First coat done on spots in first room.
  4. Repaint Horse post by street
  5. Strip vent covers in bathroom and kitchen
  6. Repaint bathroom and kitchen vent covers
  7. Seal pots and paint with chalkboard paint (to be used with herb plants on the deck)
  8. Add outlet cover for washer/dryer
  9. Add outlet cover for outlet on front porch
  10. Check credit report
  11. Replace light fixture in stairway
  12. Remove weeping cherry (to create a place for blackberry bushes) – work in progress.  All limbs are cut off.
  13. Put out a bird bath
  14. Buy new kitchen trash can – work in progress
  15. Organize and label kitchen pantry
  16. Move clothing totes to back of crawl space (instead of right in front), add shoe rack and rod to hang winter coats
  17. Divide out future clothing sized into clear totes, label
  18. Put camping stuff in tote(s), label
  19. Clean bathroom grout
  20. Seal bathroom grout
  21. Make and freeze 4 different soups, 3 months worth each – work in progress.  3 soups made.
I love seeing progress being made on the list of projects.  Even better is to see several things marked off.  The 30 days is almost half way over.  So far 6 of my projects have been completed, with 3 more in some stage of completion.  By Day 15 I want to have 10 or more of the projects completed.
How is your list coming?  Do you think you will be halfway through in two more days?  Does knowing that “half way through” is in two more days make you feel behind or motivated?  What can you do today to work towards completing one of your projects?