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In the past I have posted about Abe’s Market before and how much I love their items. When I think of merchants who sell natural products I think of medicines and beauty products. Abe’s Market sells these products, but many other products as well. Just take a look at what they have to offer gardeners.  We gardeners are often in the out of doors and like knowing that what we use on our gardens is a natural product.  Likewise, a lot of gardeners have the same desire for items they use on their bodies.  Abe’s Market is a great place to look for those items, even the harder to find ones.

Valley Green Naturals - Gardener's Glee Dry Hand Remedy

Gardener’s Glee! Dry Hand Remedy

Dr. Dandelion - Gardener's Gift Set

Gardener’s Gift Set

Burt's Bees - Burt's Bees Natural Remedies Poison Ivy Soap 2 oz.

Burt’s Bees Natural Remedies Poison Ivy Soap 2 oz

Limegreen - Bug Repellant Spray (8 oz)

Bug Repellant Spray

Are you looking to liven up your garden with some decorations?  Or maybe you, or someone you know likes crafts.  Here is a kit that contains it all.

Artterro - Garden Art Kit

Arrtterro Garden Art Kit

Or maybe your garden looks great, but you feel the need to add a bit of color to your outfit while attending to those garden chores.

ASD Living - Half Apron Multi Pattern 49-005w

Multi Pattern Craft/Garden Apron

Sometimes the whether keeps you from the outdoors, or you want to garden when it is the wrong season. Here is something to add green and freshness to your winter dishes.

Handy Pantry - Handy Pantry Sprout Garden -

Handy Pantry Sprout Garden

Here are a few items that most gardeners could use.  I actually do not know of many gardeners who have a source of fresh manure  in their back yards.  If you are like me, wanting but not having this, then dried manure or tea bags are a great alternative.  You use the tea bags to make a tea for adding to your container plants or around you plants in the garden.  They provide the same great benefits without having to take care of the animal or wait for the manure to mature.

 Sagebrush Valley Ranch - Sheep Manure Tea Bags - Set of 6 3"x5" Tea Bags

Sheep Manure Tea Bags

Sagebrush Valley Ranch - Sheep Manure - Bulk in bags

Dried Sheep Manure, Bulk 5 lbs

 Abe’s Market also has a selection of seed balls.  These are not only  handy, but would be a great way for those little helpers to help plant in the garden without wasting most of the seed packet.  Here is a bit of an explanation given on Abe’s Market website:

“SeedBallz are just that: hand-rolled balls of seeds! Wildflowers, herbs, lettuce or any of the mixes, SeedBallz are hand-rolled by people with disabilities. “Changing lives one Seedball at a time.””

Here are a few of the 11 different mixes they have:

SeedBallz - SeedBallz, Poppy, 2 Packs of 8 Balls

SeedBallz, poppy

SeedBallz - SeedBallz, Herb Mix: Basil, Parsley, Chive, Cilantro, 2 Packs of 8 Balls (2 of each per pack)

SeedBallz, Herb Mix: Basil, Parsley, Chive, Cilantro, 2 Packs of 8 Balls (2 of each per pack)


These were just a few of the results you can find by searching Abe’s Market for “garden”.  I was pleased at the variety of selection Abe’s Market had for gardeners.

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