Ways To Save On Gardening – newletters, mailing lists and special offers


After ordering seed catalogs this past winter, did you find a new company you were interested in?  How about one that you have ordered from before and were reminded of why you like them so much?

Often companies will have newsletters or email lists you can subscribe to.  These newsletter and lists not only offer you an opportunity to learn new methods in gardening and read gardening related articles, they also sometimes contain special offers.  They may let you know of a sale that will be beginning soon or even a “Two Day Only Special Event for our readers” deal.

If you sign up for every single company your email inbox will quickly be overwhelmed with gardening newsletters.  For this reason I would find several companies you like or a few you are interested in learning more about.

Some of the recent things I have received via emailed newsletters are:

  • Free Shipping offers
  • 75% off select plants
  • 50% off entire stock
  • Last Day for … (reminders)
  • Weekend Spectacular – entire site on sale

It only takes a few minutes to sign up, yet could save you a lot of money when you are planning your garden or working in it over the summer.