30 Days, 21 Projects – Day 5 Don’t give into perfectionism

Today, I want to encourage you not to let Perfectionism get the better of you.  If you are like me, often perfectionism is the reason things don’t get done. “I don’t have the right storage box.  I don’t have the color of paint, the exactly right brush, the right shoes, the right _____”.  Just yesterday is a great example of how I have not let perfectionism get the better of me, though I was tempted to do so.

Life is starting to get the better of me.  I have had three days of out of home activities, all of which have happened during the day time.  Add that to an already restricted schedule (I have very small blocks of “free” time during the day) and I am doing good to not be behind and have a completely messy house.  Yes, the laundry spent the night in the washer.  I knew better than to dry it and let it wrinkle over night as I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get to it last night.  I was right.  There is also a load of socks in the dryer (they don’t really wrinkle) and a load of clean towels to be folded in my room.  However, the rest of the house looks decent.  Not perfect, but decent and I would be okay if someone came over right now.  (Thank you, FlyLady.)

Yesterday my project was actually two projects rolled into one.  I wanted to separate out my future sizes of clothes, the ones we will be growing into in the next year or so, and move all the totes and extra shoes to a different place in the crawl space.  I also wanted to add something upon which I could hang all the extra coats, both the ones not needed right now and the ones that are not currently the right sizes.  These are so bulky that this seemed like a better option than trying to fit them all in a storage tote.  To this activity I also added in a weekly goal – sort out outgrown clothes and extras of current sized to share with someone else.  It took a while but it is all done.

To do and finish this project I knew I needed a few more totes than what I already had or could re-purpose.  Before going shopping I looked online to get an idea of prices and which may be the best store to go to.  After looking at a few sites I had a good idea of the price range.  Then I decided to look at the stores here in Small Town before going to Big Town and the larger stores.  Usually the stores here in Small Town are more expensive.  However, I remember seeing some on clearance and sale recently and hoped they would still be there.

I had to drive all of 1.5 miles to the store, instead of about 30 to Big Town.  That right there saved on gas and time.  Even if there was nothing there, I would have at least known and not wondered the whole way to Big Town. A 3 mile round trip costs about $0.36 and 10 minutes worth of driving time.  A 60 mile round trip costs about $3.63, plus 80 minutes worth of driving time.  Thankfully the store in Small Town had what I wanted, and they were on sale. Add that with a coupon I had and I saved 70 minutes driving time, 50% off the price of the totes (about $22),  and $3.27 in gas.  It was very much worth the 15 minutes spent online looking at store prices.

Side note: in the photo above the clear totes were the style I had been using to store clothes.  The blue tote is one I had bought previously on sale.  The black ones were the totes I bought at the store in Small Town.  I was looking for clear totes and had planned on using the blue tote for storage of camping supplies.  Here is a lesson in frugality – even though the totes on sale were not the color and style I wanted, they were on sale enough to make it worth my time and money to change my plans.  I am storing clothes.  It doesn’t matter what color the totes are!  It would only have been my perfectionism showing itself if I had insisted upon spending twice as much money so that all the totes matched.  If that was the case, then this project would, again, not have gotten done.  And if it bothers me that much as time goes on, I will look for clear totes at garage sales or store sales and pick them up later.  I am always find thing to use storage totes for – extra storing canning jars or sugar and flour, for example.

Today I don’t have as much time as I took to do yesterday’s project.  Again I am going for a quick project – buying a bird bath.  I have an idea of what I am looking for, but nothing specific in mind.

The bird bath does need to have a stand, or pedestal, as the location I want it to be in does not have something from which to hang it.  It also needs to be high enough to be seen over the rose bushes.  The previous owners planted some lovely miniature rose bushes in the yard.  I am assuming they had places a stature in the center as there is a stack of concrete blocks and the head to a statue there.  During the summer you can’t see the blocks, but I always felt a little bad that such a great focal point was going to waste.  So today, that is my goal – to find (and possibly put out) a bird bath.  If I am unable to put it out, I can at least have it so that in a few days when the weather gets warmer it can be placed outside.

Lists of my 21 Projects:

  1. Spackle stairway walls
  2. Prime spots to be painted (from previous replacement of door and window frames)
  3. Paint spots around door and window frames
  4. Repaint Horse post by street
  5. Strip vent covers in bathroom and kitchen
  6. Repaint bathroom and kitchen vent covers
  7. Seal pots and paint with chalkboard paint (to be used with herb plants on the deck)
  8. Add outlet cover for washer/dryer
  9. Add outlet cover for outlet on front porch
  10. Check credit report
  11. Replace light fixture in stairway
  12. Remove weeping cherry (to create a place for blackberry bushes)
  13. Put out a birdbath
  14. Buy new kitchen trash can – work in progress
  15. Organize and label kitchen pantry
  16. Move clothing totes to back of crawl space (instead of right in front), add shoe rack and rod to hang winter coats
  17. Divide out future clothing sized into clear totes, label
  18. Put camping stuff in tote(s), label
  19. Clean bathroom grout
  20. Seal bathroom grout
  21. Make and freeze 4 different soups, 3 months worth each

Did you link up on Day 1’s post?  If not, it isn’t too late.  Next week I’ll have another link up available so you can share your updated posts at that time.

How are your projects coming?  Have you been able to mark any off your list?