Post Produce Day – Green Tomato Bread

Your Small Kitchen Garden hosted the monthly Post Produce get together a few days ago.  Um, yeah, I know that means I’m a bit behind.  We’ll blame it on a wrong turn and taking the scenic route.  After all, it has been sunny here these past few days.  Very unlike February weather.  Still cold.  Which I find to be a very bad joke on the weather’s part.  It is sunny with beautiful fluffy clouds floating through the sky.  It looks so warm from inside, yet one step out the door and you know it is only a few degrees above freezing.

So, what is it that I have been using during these fake warm days?  Green tomatoes. To make warm bread.

Not this past fall, but the one before that, I had decided to puree and freeze my green tomatoes.  These green tomatoes were the only ones left on the vines at the end of the season when a killing frost was expected.  I hated seeing them go to waste, so I picked all the green tomatoes and put them through the blender.  Yes, that means they have been lurking in my freezer for just a bit.  I’m pretty decent at math, so I’m just going to ignore how long it actually has been.  I came across the bag of pureed tomatoes when I was trying to fit all the pumpkin into my freezer.  A mental note was made to use it to make green tomato bread.  Then the note was promptly forgotten.  At the beginning of the year, while making up a monthly menu plan, I remembered the green tomatoes and added them to February’s menu to make Green Tomato Bread.  It is much more likely for me to make something if it is already in the plan to do so.  Even if that plan was for no other reason than to use it.  So why this week?  Well, mainly because I didn’t get to it last week.  I did not say that I strictly adhere to the plan, just that I have one.

I think it turned out pretty well, reminds me of zucchini bread.  I did use Greek yogurt instead of the plain non-fat yogurt, and used all sugar.  Also, this was easy enough that a toddler helped, albeit with putting flour into a measuring cup and dumping in the other ingredients I measured out.  I had to make sure to keep the baking powder safe, the ground cloves did not fare as well, and I almost forgot to add in the wheat flour.  This was due to distractions caused by said toddler.  All in all, though, it came out okay and I still have a willing kitchen helper.

The freshly baked bread served as breakfast and supper yesterday. Breakfast saw it with pumpkin margarine added to it.  (Margarine is not something I normally buy, but I was weak and gave into it because it was pumpkin flavored and I was curious.)  Supper saw it with peanut butter on top.  Both times it was a hit.  Nice and moist.  The second loaf was put into the freezer with the plan to take it by a friend’s house next week.  I figured it would be a good reason to just stop by and say “Hello”.


So how about you?  What have you been using or harvesting from your garden?  I promise not to be too envious of you if harvesting is something you are able to do at this time.