30 Days, 21 Projects – starts March 4, 2013

I hope you all are not tired of all the series I’ve been doing lately.  With winter still being very much here there isn’t a lot of day to day activity in the garden to report on.  Instead there has been a lot of getting ready for the 2013 garden season.  This has meant creating a garden calendar and getting all the indoor projects done.  Once the warm weather comes, I would rather be focusing on outside rather than stuck inside doing these things.

Redoing the front flowerbed and the bathroom were the two largest projects on my list.  The next is redoing my raised beds.  This will happen very soon, but not just yet as I need to gather a few more materials before beginning.  The next large project on my list would be adding wood chips and edging to other beds in my yard.  At this moment the ground is too frozen to do that.  Since those two projects can not be done now I have been seeing all the little projects that have been either left unfinished or just put off.

Starting March 4, I plan to take 30 days to tackle 21 of those projects.  Knowing that things usually take longer than I plan, I am giving myself an extra 9 days (30-21=9) to complete all the projects.  Some of these projects are garden related (adding a bird bath, for example) while others have no connection with gardening (repainting vents, for example).  What they do all have in common is that they have been put off  over and over.  Not because they will take a long time, but because there has always been something more urgent or pressing or maybe there was just a good book I “needed” to read.  Whatever the reason, now is the time to get them done.

Are there quick projects you have also been putting off that you would like to do?  Start thinking about what those things are now and join me in reducing our to-do lists.

Day 1 will involve making a list of the projects you plan to work on and what materials you may need.  You might want to start working on those steps now, especially if you  have to do some research on the projects.  For example, I just recently found the paint I needed for one of the projects on my list.  The reason I found this paint was because I was inquiring about something to use on the metal strip around my bathroom when I was working to finish the bathroom remodel.  Up to that point I knew I wanted to do this project but had no idea how to go about actually doing it.    Maybe you  have a similar obstacle in your way.  If that is the case, take the next few days to see if you can’t find a solution.  Do you need to call someone for advice?  Look on the Internet?  Find a book?

I will also be providing a link up on Day 1 so that you can share the projects you are working on with others.