Save Money On Plants And Seeds – using coupon codes


I just competed one of my goals! I ordered plants and some seeds. This was a goal that I have had for a few weeks and kept putting off.  However, seeing as my “8 weeks before last frost” date occurs this week I really needed to do this.  How do I know this?  Well, it is on my garden calendar.  If you didn’t make one or are not sure where to find your dates, I would suggest looking first with your local extension office.  Or check out some of the links I shared during the series about making a garden calendar and adding frost dates.  What I missed was my “order seeds” date.  I think I’ll have to highlight that date next year.  =)

Tomato seeds need to be started 8 weeks before planting. As I had put it off so long I decided to stop by the local hardware store.  They usually carry seeds.  When I asked the guy, I felt a bit silly as there were snow flurries outside.  “Do you have any vegetable seeds yet?”  Of course, the answer was “No.  We get them when they send us a shipment of them.”  Not exactly helpful.  However it narrowed down the choices I had.  If the store did not have them, then I would go home and order them.  

My plan for the day was to submit my order to Gurney’s for strawberry, blackberry and blueberry plants.  Adding in two packets of seeds for tomatoes was not going to chance the order much.  Yes, I would have to pay shipping but I was also going to use a coupon code.  The “$x off your order of $XX or more” offer came on the front of my seed catalog which I had requested at the beginning of the year.  I have also seen this same offer for Gurney’s several different places on the web.  So, if you didn’t receive a catalog from them you may still be able to find a coupon code.

In the end I save 50% off my order, before shipping.  Not bad for having to order seeds.

I have seen other companies offer similar codes.  For example, Burpee is offering $10 off your order of $50 or more.  This is one reason I like to order catalogs, often they offer codes along with the catalog.  I also like to look for new plants offered.  I will also be ordering bulb for my flower beds soon … once I narrow down all the beautiful choices.  And, yes, I will be using a code to save money on my order.

As a side note, this works best if you are not company loyal.  In the past I have ordered my heirloom seeds from a particular company.  While looking at the Gurney catalog I noticed they had heirloom tomato plants.  By being willing to use a different company I was able to combine what would have been two separate orders (fruit plants and vegetable seeds) into one and use a coupon to have 50% off.  This may not always be an option, but if you are willing to look at different companies you will be more likely to find a deal that will work for you.

What are some of your favorite money saving ideas?  Have you  ordered your seeds yet?  Or are you planning to purchase them, or plants, locally when it is closer to gardening time?