Using what you have – Apple Muffins, Apple Jam and Diced Apples

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One of the items on my goals list for this week was to do something with the apples I had.  Last fall I got three or four pecks of apples.  At the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with them.  That was fine as I didn’t have time right then to do anything.

In December I noticed that there were several going bad in the bunch.  However, we were getting ready to leave for three weeks. Processing apples wasn’t exactly at the top of my list.  Yet, every time I went out to the garage I would see them and start feeling guilty for not having done anything with them.  Last week I decided that this was going to be the week.  They were put on the to-do list.

While trying to decide what to do with them, I was looking through a new ebook I had of muffin recipes.  Toward the back there was one for apple muffins.  AND I had all the ingredients.  Okay, now I knew what I was going to do.  At least, I knew one of the things – make muffins for the freezer for future breakfasts.

In making my menu last week I also saw that I had a recipe for Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Apple-Ginger Sauce.  This recipe called for apple jelly, which I didn’t have.  Apple jelly … apples …. apples I need to do something with.  I remembered having seen a recipe for apple jelly that used the peels and cores.   A quick search online resulted in the directions for doing just such a thing.  Okay, there was my second thing – apple jelly.

I’m skipping ahead a bit here in the story, but I think you all can handle it.  After making all the muffins I needed and wanted, there were still a lot of apples left.  In searching for “apple jelly from peels” I also came across a few other ideas for uses for apples.  Some of these sounded like something we would do – adding apples to oatmeal and shakes, especially.  The remainder of the apples were peeled, cored and diced.  The diced pieces were put into bags, 2 or 3 apples worth in each.  These were labeled and dated, then stuck in the freezer.  They are ready to be pulled out and use.  All 22 bags of them. So that was my third thing – dicing and freezing apples for future use.

After making the first batch of apple muffins, and finding they were a hit, I went on to make four more batches.  Two of the batches I added toffee bits to, as I didn’t have chocolate chips.  These were a great addition.

I had some helpers when making the four batches.  It was fun.  I took videos.  The conversations and “logic” were priceless.  It also took a lot longer than it would have otherwise.

Dessert for supper that night were mini-muffins I has also made.  I ran out of pan but had a muffin or two worth of batter left.  I have two mini muffin pans, so I grabbed those.  They are the perfect size for a bit sized muffin.  Everyone enjoyed fresh apple-toffee muffins.  Even more so the helpers as they knew they had helped to make them.

After all the muffins had cooled off, they were placed into gallon sized freezer bags, labeled with what they were and the date, then placed in the freezer.  These will show up at least once a month for the next 4 months.  They will also be making an appearance when we stay with family over Easter weekend.

As a side note, an added benefit to making jelly or canning anything in the winter is that I tend to not mind the extra heat and moisture in the kitchen.

In all I think this was a great success.  Next time I won’t wait months to use apples.  I now have a plan for the future.  Apple butter, apple jelly, apple muffins and diced apples for oatmeal and shakes.


Do you have anything left from last year that you need to do something with?  Did you freeze something to “use later” but haven’t done anything with yet?  What are your plans for these items?

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