21 Days To A More Disciplined Life Challenge – Bathroom Remodel – Day 4

21 Days To A More Disciplined Life

Today was a family fun day.  My husband had a training away from home so we decided to make a day of it.  It was filled with activity and snow flurries.  In all it was a great day and I’m glad I suggested we all go.  The alternative would have been the rest of us staying home on a gray day doing nothing really special.  Instead it was a day full of surprises.

The kids and I joined him for the 1.5 hour car trip.  While he was in training we checked out a local thrift store that was having a 50% off sale of everything in the store. When we got there they were giving out donuts and door prizes.  The kids were more than a little excited about this.

I was able to purchase clothes for this upcoming summer for the kid who needed it.  Even got never before worn sneakers and some canning jars.  The kids behaved well, so we had a snack in the car – flavored water and granola bars, both are “special” snacks.  Next, we played in the snow at a local playground.  This was one that I happened to see while sitting in the car.  I don’t think we were actually supposed to play on it.  However, no one seemed willing to brave the 18 degree weather and snow to tell us otherwise.  Yes, my kids thought it was the coolest thing to play in the snow.  They don’t really seem to notice the cold, unlike me.  It was cold.

After picking up my husband, we  had lunch out before going to the Children’s Museum.  When it was time to go home my  husband suggested me visit the ice cream shop next door.  I agreed that it was a wonderful idea.  Two scoops of shared ice cream, and renewed snow flurries, later it was time to go home.

We were all worn out when we got home.  My husband made a quick trip to the gym while I straighten up the house a bit and cleared off a lot of clutter from my dresser.  After baths and a supper of lunch leftovers (spaghetti) it was bedtime.  Since nap and quiet times were skipped, bedtime was a bit rough but everyone settled down quickly.  I finished folding laundry and clipping tags off our “new” clothes while watching show on Netflix with my husband.  After giving in to a few “just one more episode” comments, he called it quits and went to bed … I went to take down some wallpaper and catch up on posts. =)


On Day 4 in the 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life book, Crystal talks about habits and how it is important to focus on one habit at a time.  Once this new habit is established, you can move on to the next one.  The habit I’m currently working on is a morning quiet time.  This involved prayer and Bible reading.  I haven’t been consistent at it because I don’t make it to bed early enough to rise before everyone else.  I also feel hurried to get breakfast ready before everyone wakes up.  Though it may not seem like it, the habit that would have the most impact on my life right now is to clean the kitchen after supper.  This includes wash the dishes, putting them away, clearing off the counters and doing a quick sweep of the coat rack shelf to get rid of clutter.

I’ve had this as a habit before, but it did not stick.  When I did do this, I didn’t feel as rushed in the morning while making breakfasts.  It also would allow me a few minutes to do a quiet time, since I would not have to wash dishes before breakfast.

As for my Mega Project – the bathroom, I was able to remove wallpaper from:

1.the area between the counter and the mirror

2. the space between the mirror and the lights

3. and the space between the vanity and the door frame.

These were three very narrow places where even my narrow putty knife couldn’t fit to help me scrape the wallpaper up.  The door frame also has old caulking around it, which didn’t help.


On Day 2, one of the kids woke up early from nap time and found me taking down bits of wallpaper.  A conversation ensued about what I was doing.

Me: I’m taking down the wall paper and then I’m going to paint.

Kid: Why?  I liked the wallpaper.

Me: Well, so did the person who put it up, but I prefer paint.

Kid:  ::thinking:: you should pain it red.

Me: Red?  Why red?  (I was imaging something bright, like a fire truck.)

Kid: Because I like red.  You should paint it red.


I haven’t actually decided on a color, but I don’t think it will be red.  You  never know though.