2013 Yearly Goals – Encouraging Learning – Reading Lists for Children/Preschoolers


Part of my Yearly Goals for 2013 included “Encouraging Learning”.  Our ages at home currently include preschoolers.  They are sponges when it comes to learning things, though they don’t always grasp difficult concepts.  One way I hope to accomplish this goal is by reading aloud 8 books per month to the kids.  (They look at or read additional books on their own, both from home and from ones they find at the library.)

To achieve this part of the goal I first created reading lists.  This is one of the things in life that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time on.  A simple search resulted in places where people have already done the searching for me.  You may want to determine what sort of reading lists you want, which would also help define your list.  I chose to use two lists to combined to make our reading list.

The first was from Ambleside Online.  They have recommended reading lists for a variety of different years.  As this is a homeschooling site, they go by years rather than ages.

The second was a list that Simply Charlotte Mason had put together.  Their list is arranged by ages. (On a personal note, this decision was made after reading a few frivolous books.  I got tired of reading them over and over and feeling like I was wasting my brain cells.  The kids also wouldn’t listen to the whole story before getting bored.)

You might also choose Newbery Medal winners, or best sellers, or a theme.  There is no “right” way to choose books to read, so use what works for you.

The reading lists were combined by ages.  Next I divided each list into groups of books.  This way I have the 8 books already chosen, by selecting the appropriate number of groups.  Sometimes I may select more from one list than another, especially if I come across a series of books I just don’t care for.  This has already happened and resulted in us skipping about three books on the one list.  We have also already read some of the books on the list, so we skip over those.

Last week, while requesting a few of these books from our library’s network of libraries system, I saw that I could schedule requests to go in at future dates.  This meant I could request book for April, for example, but the requests would not be submitted till the date I entered.  My whole year just got easier for this goal.  I entered all the books I wanted to read.  The request dates were then set so that about 8 were requested for every month, or 4 for every two weeks.  I know some books won’t be available exactly when we want them, so some months I may have 10 books to read or 5 books.  However, overall it should even out.


How are your goals for the year going?  What strides have you made in accomplishing one of them?

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